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To wish him the best he'll be Fine. I guess he's going for a secondary test. I just said I look forward to seeing the governor. They said Sorry. Just tested positive. You know, I feel fine. Um, have a headache, You know, So we're word icon. Get it? I have no idea this as lawmakers continue just far over another stimulus package. Worth $3 going. On DH. So at some point compromise has to have a dollars put a bill on the floor, which was a trillion dollars. So yes, one could say you're 2.4 trillion apart President Trump's Friday or bus deadline for a deal fast approaching the president tweeting. He's already got his staff working on an executive order if negotiations fail. Now a key covert model is predicting Covad will kill nearly 300,000 Americans by December 1st. But in a statement, researchers say consistent mask wearing beginning today could save about 70,000 lives at the White House and what new wild reporting. Chicago Alderman Michael Scott Jr has tested positive for Copan 19. He announced the news last night, just one day after taking part in a press conference in near Lightfoot and other top officials regarding Chicago Public schools remote learning plant Scott tested last Friday at a community event received the test results yesterday. He says he has no symptoms and is in quarantine at his home. Your life has been tested since that press conference in her office says her results were negative press conference room will get a deep cleaning. Others who interacted with Scott will be contacted by the Department of Health. On Capitol Hill, the House Select subcommittee on Corona virus heard from public health officials and educators, but what it'll take to reopen schools without further spreading of the virus. Yes, Teachers want to be in their classroom. But teachers also need to think of themselves and their families. Our jobs. Our careers are not just about our students. We also have to worry about our community and the people we work with and our own families at home. Officials told the House committee that do the schools will need to speed up testing times. So what's required pp and social distancing. Additionally, schools will need people in the community to follow these practices as well. An animal shelter. Michigan is posting some adorable pictures from a dog's maternity photo shoot. Her name is jazz. She's currently a resident of Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Shelter, says her pups won't be up for adoption until they're born. Then the family will need forever homes..

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