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34% of women admit that their attempt ended in disaster like wonky eyebrows, streaking self tans and green hair. Your forecast for today we do have a flash flood watch in effect from noon until 11 o'clock tonight with rain and storms off and on throughout the day is going to be a hot day highs around 90. Right now it's 75 degrees, and that's what you need to know. As you get your Wednesday started to be introduced Lobsters. This is 97.1 washing him. I'm thinking of doing something that Might be considered a permanent change Chile Oh, do tell. Give me a minute because this is a bit involved more. It's 97.1, wash them into smoke. He took him in. Smoke smell one. You guys. Washington's home for Variety. Hey, this is Maren Morris and bone on 97.1 wash at them home. To play really, but thiss, but so have gone on that way. Good rest, don't you? Well. Baby you and even then we bolt. Wait, wait but came with with Guys. I got a question about something related to tattoos were Toby in chilly in the morning. It's 97.1 Washington. Yes, I've been pondering these tattoos. And I've been pondering them.

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