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Seven four four. That's bad. I like that too so many of them start with like miscommunication misunderstanding like yawn. That was really good So every single time you and i have hosted a show together five or something like that it re- at least for too many We always end up doing a tune segment because we like to give this segment some room debris since you are the arbiter of what makes a tool tune or through as as many times. You in dawson. Tell me just a bad song. When i bring it to you to refresh the people on what the categories do so. There's obviously good songs good song. Then there's guilty pleasures which is like dude. If you like that song that's on you. That sounds sucks but if you like it again you know can't can't judge then there's a sliver in the middle where it's like. No no this is a good song that if you were driving down the road blasting this song saint along enjoying yourself as you should because it's good you pull up to a red light and there's a crowded bus stop those windows go up. You can't be cannot be witness. You cannot be wouldn't have singing along with song much like wearing a pink button up and crossing your legs. Dawson always ends up being the guy that is happy to blair any song that he's down with because it makes them even more masculine zero. Shame i kind of love that. This is calibrated asian individual person. Of course right. And i do. I've noticed early on. There's a gender difference. Like i'm allowed to blair barbie girl but you might not be allowed to blur it. Okay gotta be. I these little e save the dates. Because i don't have time or the inclination to send a postcard because twenty twenty one jewish woman. Yep you know you're getting a goddamn card stock invitations now. Although we're gonna fly out no and it doesn't have the russian nesting dolls envelopes upon envelopes. I just i chucked the inner envelope. The there's a decorative envelope. There's no perfect. Yeah this is gonna be more like a semi nice birthday invitations. Look forward to seeing. Okay so what in one of the questions that you when you go to the website it asks. You is like any song you want to hear at the reception. Because i have no idea of what you're supposed to play at wedding receptions. Are you not meeting with the dj or you like doing this. All through a service. We are eventually i guess but like i don't know what's cool like andy works for top forty. I don't know if any of my friends listen to top. I like old cater to the crowd. Like i don't so. That's why i'm asking the crowd now. I have three categories of good songs. I want songs. I'm not sure about in songs that i don't want but i think everybody else wants. Okay good i've knows about me or maybe hard to believe. I have very strong opinions about wedding songs. Okay very strong. This is going to be helpful. And i hope you have some some suggestions as dawson fund earlier due to hopefully but i really don't know like i. I don't dance it weddings. I hate trump zoo. I don't though i don't do anything right. I'm the could point. You really can do whatever you want. That's weird hoist me up on the chair. We might do a little bit of. We might do the hora. Jewish wedding did that. Yeah supposed to do the horror of the night before the wedding. No we might. You might bride wearing white. For god's soon might all tan you might all have to get up and hold hands and do the hora but having a gila but otherwise. I don't know what you're supposed to play okay. So here are the songs that i like and that i would like to be on the list unless you think making a fool of myself. I'm happy.

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