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Saturday morning January 8th four 28 in the morning on WD Good morning Crawford in the WTO P traffic center Good morning dinos we're gonna start in Maryland with new crash activity being reported outside the beltway on the John Hanson highway 50 eastbound after a 7 O four well after 7 O four crash activity unclear what's out of the road is affected but and we can not see it in the one camera that might be close by It's looking back the other direction but what we can see is a lot of people creeping up on this one with some very shiny roads as well also complicating the flow with caution 50 eastbound after 7 O four for the crash reported The rest of 50 is good between the bay bridge and the beltway 95 the BW Parkway and two 70 likewise quiet so is the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties and Virginia We had crash activity on Leesburg pike 7 eastbound near carper's farm way with caution for what may remain there I believe the overnight works out if not completely gone are in the process of doing so on three 95 northbound out of the Springfield interchange and on 66 eastbound approaching the capitol beltway On the district side hopefully we're going to get it all clear on our crash activity New York avenue outbound your fourth street and Penn street northeast I believe that's what they were trying to shout about just before I was going on the air Hopefully that one has been cleared out of the roadway was over on the right side outbound New York avenue near fourth street northeast the freeway and the two 95s run without incident Ian Crawford traffic Stormy four tracking a very cold overnight and a cold start to your Saturday the coldest night we've seen in about three years in temperatures dropping to the teens high temperatures in the upper 20s to low.

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