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Jeopardy's executive producer. Mike richards and this week. I'm also the guest host. This is jeopardy. That voice was set to become a lot more familiar on cable tv but today mike richards the newly crowned host of jeopardy is officially out nine days ago. Mr richards was tapped to succeed. Alex trebek's which struck some as a bit odd. Considering mr richards was executive producer of jeopardy and was helping to oversee the search for a new host and then more controversy reports emerged that mr richards made offensive sexist remarks on a podcast several years ago and had faced bias lawsuits by former colleagues at the prices writes in a statement today. Mr richards said quote. It has become clear that moving forward us host would be too much of a distraction for our fans unquote melanie. Mcfarland is a tv critic for salon. We reached her in seattle. Melanie could you have imagined. The jeopardy's brand new host would be gone just nine days after the announcement as all of the news began coming out. it became much more difficult for sony to keep on justifying Mike richards maintaining his position as host. But then when the ringer report came out and those podcast episodes emerged. They had no choice. I'm actually surprised that came this quickly. But i'm not surprised at sony. Decided to have him step down from his hosting role. Remind us about some of the The revelations in that ringer article so When he was one of the producers on the price is right she had multiple models including brandon. Cochran was probably the the most famous lawsuits. The front two thousand ten bringing lots of gender discrimination and sexual harassment complaints against him mainly Concerning that some of the models when they became pregnant they were let go One of them brandy actually. She became pregnant after her coworkers. Or let go and he said he insinuated that if they had known that she would have been fired as well but he's also been apart party to these suits where he's had his name removed in the settlement phase. So i think that's one of the things where he was able to come up later and say yes. It was brought against me but my name was actually taken off of these students. There was also this podcast that you mentioned where he He's heard to have made some Both sexist and other inappropriate remarks. Oh yes in pig latin. He made a joke about jewish people and specifically no size. He said many things about women's bodies in terms of you know weight gain. There's actually a thread from clinic near the The writer who she said. Here's some of the things that he said that i couldn't fit into my story. And they're pretty atrocious And there's the argument that some people have said of like well. This happen years ago. And why why do you have to penalize them. Well sure people can change. But when you have an institution like jeopardy and you have someone who's as beloved as alexander back. You really want to get somebody in there..

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