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Radio app welcome to the conversation is after a start out on a I I think is a weighty is significant but somber anniversary today it was a year ago tonight that beautiful talented bright ambitious young woman who prepared herself to serve her community in a very very unique way was was the victim of the ultimate crime Natalie corona was shot and killed in the line of duty a year ago tonight and it's incredible that the passage of time how quickly it's been another regards it seems like it says been forever and I'm have the the honor and I don't I don't take that expression lately it really truly is an honor for me to have in studio as somebody whose life has been absolutely profoundly impacted by this horrifically rhyme and that is the father of Natalie Merced corona Sir good afternoon welcome to the program for its are honestly I'm I'm truly honored to have you here well it is my honor to be here the sheriff and I will I will refer to you a share of because I just I have so much respect old old habits Die Hard well yes and I look up to your world you're very kind and and I look at war this this horrific crime I started as a what happened and it wasn't something that happened this was a this was an evil act perpetuated against somebody who is the absolute diametrically opposite of the person who took her life E. was he was the embodiment the the personification of evil and from every indication she was the personification of everything that's good and graceful everything is wonderful in the world I know you know that better than anybody else yeah Natalie was a special special person to us and she was our daughter but she was just a a remarkable individual get the impression she was a bit of a Daddy's girl to shift law yeah that's it all she was my shadow and that I know and that but I've heard and read accounts about her donning your sheriff's department cap and and uniform shirt as a young child walk around the house did radio coach you know the phonetic alphabet she and she did she was she was a little shadow and she just I think she had it in the blood since he was very young and she she knew where what profession that she was going to go you know go towards and and I knew it had to be proud right I was I was very proud DHEA because we you an hour chatting off error earlier and you if you absolutely believe as to why this is it's not a job is not a career is not even a profession it's a calling that's true and you were called to this profession and that she saw that she saw the satisfaction you got from a she saw the extent to which you committed your your heart and soul to it and she won a farmer's footsteps that's got to make you feel very very proud yeah that was well one of the proudest moments do you know that we've had that we had was the pin in that badge on her hood her mom pinned it on graduation night at the academy and then I got the pin it when she got sworn in at the department that the Davis police department and that was just the to me it was just the the dream come true for not only for her but for us because we were just so proud of her as well you should be and and I know you have three other daughters yes and I I've I've heard I'm I'm I guess maybe I'm knows your that I want to admit so I've checked and I know that that you have a kind of an idyllic family living up in that close to county and were you now serve on the board of supervisors after having retired from a career of public service and I know you you're you're close knit group you get together to celebrate Denters into to go to church together and and do things that that they were probably considered I guess more the norm in generations past when the nuclear family was a big part of our society but you still in body all of that and that so that the the the blow that this had to bring to your wonderful family I I I I I wish there were words I could express to to offer some consolation but that but I I can tell you this that the people throughout this region are profoundly grateful to you and and for your wife for the the the the job you've done and the extraordinary matter which you handled the aftermath of this it's a you're an example for everybody to follow well I I appreciate those kind words and yeah we we do have a close family we have we also have a close extended family we get together for holidays and and and do all that kind of stuff but Natalie was just such a big part of of our families and she is the oldest right she was the oldest she was the policy was the you know the she just was the the mother hand to their tour yeah two or three sisters Jackie Kathy and Cindy and then an hour Jackie Kathy as any done well they're they're they're struggling and to be honest with you they are yeah they have their their their days you know they they have good days and bad days but you know I'm very proud of them because I I mean what they've gone through and it is just that is there there I think it's their faith now give some Golan and other mothers takes good care of and in Seoul thank god there's they're doing okay clearly clearly they have that incredible role models but that my heart goes out to them and and I know its I was extraordinarily difficult in part of the reason I think it's beneficial to have your story told is for people in the community the broad sat cross section of the community I understand that when you see that patrol car when you see law enforcement officers engaged in the practice of their profession it's so incredibly important to the safety and protection of all of us it's easy to disregard of the risk the sacrifice that they and their families make and regrettably Natalie's not the lot last officer to to pay the ultimate sacrifice in this region she's not the last one yeah so the the and I I wish that the the grace that you have displayed in the aftermath of this could be Calcutta replicated by the the community at large to understand exactly what that what goes into protecting them and I did they I I sense of from the political class in a way I have not historically and from other members of the community some in the media who are so quick to criticize her so reluctant to recognize the fact that these officers are engaging very very delicate work sometimes you're dealing with people at their absolute worst an extraordinary they and complicated nature of threat that exists to law enforcement officers today it is much much greater than it's been historically yeah I think these officers nowadays they they have to put up with so much in the ed I told you before we went on the air that you know I just we've lost the several officers here in this area yeah you know just within this last year Carl Solomon and her family you know what they're what they're going through and and Reinisch someone is male yell through smells family we we just the you know having gone through it before them it just it it tears your heart up when and when you hear about another off you're getting shot and killed or dying just you know on the freeway you know do entered their job regardless of the circumstances these are officers that are out there you know providing a service for us citizens out enjoying everyday life and so when we lose one especially now having having lost our own daughter it really tugs at your heart and in in in in you could you know with these families are gonna go through now what what could anybody or all collectively all of us in the community due to to help your family is there anything that even a message that the the family would like to hear well I had occasion to visit with your wife and I she's a delightful lovely person I've not met your your daughters but that but it what what what might be a something that would that be consoling for them to hear you know I think just the the every day you know text messages from friends and family you know just Hey we're thinking of you you know will pray we know we're praying for you today those those just carry so much weight but you know as a as a as an area of yellow like I told you before yolo county Colusa county Davis you know Dave is the city a Davis is just poured out their hearts to us some you know the city council did some things recently that are going to honor Natalie and so we're very thankful you know because she's in that short twenty two year life that she had that and we had she touched a lot of hearts not only in this area but in all around the world yeah and we got correspondences and letters and cards gifts from people throughout the world and we're just we were just the taken back in we're so grateful I had occasion to ever does spoke at a mothers against drunk driving luncheon where you and your wife on the tennis yes I saw the video of her I guess preparing for her the challenges that she would face in her career she knew that the emergency vehicle operation scores may be a challenge for such action rolled into the Alameda county sheriff's department driver training program on our own before you went to the academy to get prepared for it and there's a video of her engaged that method of magical smile and the the the spark she had in her personality and the the way she was received by her driving instructor obviously an extraordinary young woman that the that you you you and low pay created and that the whole world is a better place for it thank you and and the sad that reality is an event that that that never should have happened that that your life was taken so there's a lot we have a lot of things I want to share it to discuss with you still get take care of some other business right alright we'll take a break and come right back and.

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