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A huge deal. It makes my smart light that i can turn on a whim kind of silly but this is a smart device. That's actually really helpful. Yeah the impact might be a little better. We're we're not saying that your light is a bad thing or anything. They can both in this world exactly. Yeah exactly Speaking of existing space exist and we keep trying to go there. Here's the latest canadian. Engineering firm geometric energy corporation has partnered with spacex on spacex is launch of its doj. One you've spacecraft also known as a cube set which will be aboard a falcon nine rocket and go to the moon and the first quarter of twenty twenty two. Yes i said doj one and yes. It's that doj. The mission is the first commercial lunar payload funded by cryptocurrency. Doj coin which spacex is commercial sales. Vp tomoki narrow said was vital in demonstrating how crypto can establish a foundation for interplanetary commerce. There's there's so much puffery In this announcement but it is also hilarious because does coin such launch. Yeah but much funding I i look at. I think okay. The analogue would be a story. I don't know in the fourteen. Hundreds about a boat that was funded with paper money. This new paper money situation and now we wouldn't care how it was funded. We're just leaving instead of like funded with you know bricks of yeah instead of bricks old from the from the qing dynasty the queen allow and these days were like and it's really not that interesting how they paid for it. We're more interested where the boat went and the same will be true. I think in the future like if cryptocurrency becomes common. We'll look back on and go like okay so that was the first one. But you know such a big deal. It's like i mean there's monetary value here. You can't these sorts of things cost money. Okay with crypto. that's i think that's becoming more and more normal. And i and it is a little bit of a dodge. Because it's like they took. The money turned into doj going and then said they were using that to pay for it right. It doesn't help you get the moon better. Does not affect the mission. Yeah well doj coin. I look forward to that. Not be in. The story of the weekend still entertained by those. I have to admit i. I know i i am too. It's just it's weird enough. It's just weird enough. Let's check out the mail bag. Let's do that. This one comes from kevin. kevin is from milwaukee. It will be spring any day. Now wisconsin kevin i. We're hoping that for you. Kevin says finally something in my wheelhouse. And he's referring to our discussion that we had nikki last week about The medical field and Mri's and c. t. Scans and all that stuff that that medical professionals need to be able to help humans living creatures be you know best versions of themselves. Kevin says i read software for cds and we had the milwaukee public museum. Come to our facilities to scan some mummies. They've done this a few times now and it. Lets us use our latest and greatest on something other than a water phantom and they get some good archaeological images. There are other costs to a cat. Scan but the x ray tubes are the expensive component that degrade with each us hospitals will have to replace those eventually newer machines designed to give more coverage on the detector side and more input data and also provide better image quality with less radiation..

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