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Rents but you and i have also seen the success in treatment and that there are times when you really can help a child by giving them medication and obviously it's never a first choice unless a child i guess is really out of control or you know something else is go there's a lot of coal morbid and other issues going on as well but i do think it's important for parents to understand they can be safely used under the guidance of a very good sokaiya tryst and or their pediatrician when you're talking about omega3s and use are you talking about flaxseed oil fish oil and what dosage are we talking about is being helpful for children with anxiety depression and adhd 'cause i know you're there's evidence that it really helps adhd and depression as well there is in probably more evidence like a sudden terms of adhd in depression but the largest look at those and it does come from flaxseed as you mentioned but it also comes for marine off sources and that fish oil is probably the best while study and if you look active ingredients it gets broken down into active ingredients call the epa and dha and you want those two active ingredients to be in a ratio of about sixty percent epa or greater and the rest dha and then the lower dose of therapeutic range is about a thousand milligrams of epa and dha per day combined and combined in a 60 percent ratio all or 60 percent or greater epa and the thousand milligrams he want to give four to six weeks probably six weeks the know full effectiveness and then if you're not having the benefits he want to see you nudge that up gradually took two thousand milligrams and again give it four to six weeks if you're not getting the benefits that you see you nudge that up gradually two three thousand milligrams of epa and dha combined and if you're.

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