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Lawyers for former president Trump will again ask a federal judge to appoint a so called special master to review documents seized from his home by the FBI. The Justice Department says appointing a special master, though, could harm national security interests and its investigation. President Biden will give a prime time address to the nation tonight, he'll be in Philadelphia discussing what he calls a battle for the soul of the nation. The speech begins at 8 o'clock before an invitation only crowd. A nurse who worked primarily at a CVS Health MinuteClinic in Alexandria is suing CVS citing a policy change that prevents her from opting out of prescribing anti abortion induced and make that abortion inducing drugs based on her religious faith. The policy changed last year, her legal team says it's against Virginia law. For more on these stories and just minutes. Fewer than 2000 COVID infections in China this week have once again turned life upside down across that country, officials there are doubling down on their hard line zero COVID policy as president Xi's an unprecedented third term in October. From the port city of dalian in northeast China to the tech hub of Xinjiang in the country southeast, residents are under renewed lockdown, subways are shuttered, schools closed, and the world's largest electronics market shut down. Even within China, critics warn recurring COVID lockdowns on top of a devastating drought and real estate crisis could stall out growth in the world's second largest economy. Lucy Kraft, CBS News, Tokyo. Up ahead in money news. The bow is down 120 points. Who invented Gatorade? I'm Jeff cable. It's 9 48

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