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Still the tom brady will. The instrumentation is kept feddie lewis until the nineteenth century. The romantics really cared about color. So the trajectories was ever greater specificity in music notation and the countess side of that is gradually making less and less space for interpretation so if you'll performing a medieval song probably about seventy five percent of the music is in the interpreter enormous freedom in how to perform e when you get to the nineteenth century to beethoven's time the former is just a performing monkey. I'm being a bit route. Here is mechanical to. I'm not an invest enormous authority in the genius. Composer is given us sort of god-like authority to dictate. Exactly what the is is not a good thing. I'm not sure it is certainly what happens to the west little atoms. I'm nailed any damn talking to michael spicer. We're talking about his book. The musical human history of life on earth and michael you talk about a identifiable history of music. Starting about forty thousand years ago the birth of what we would recognize as a modern human. Let's go a little bit further back than say a little bit further back. Will thousand years both to australopithecus. And i or the stabs a bipedal is which you talk about having an important connection to our identification. We've music. Yeah i into size what we call music. Nobody outside the west coast music. Music is is one word for sort of swiss army knife multiple things music does and when music quote unquote crystallizes. It assembles to gay at a a plethora of elements which evolved quite independently. So so rhythm miss. I found in insects on sixty five million years ago. We know that because we have fossils of prehistoric hated it so bush cricket some because fraud. Exactly what pitch kated chirp. And i was a thousand natural actually but the first knows in history is an e..

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