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Saw a tweet by Donald Trump. So it could be total bullshit is says Fox News top CNN and immense NBC combined in October cable news ratings then he says that's because they treat me fairly. That's definitely bullsh-. Let's soon that what he says about their ratings is true, though, FOX is doing better than MSNBC and CNN combined. That's the case there's a big lesson here for your podcast here is why that would happen one old people and less educated. People are more likely to watch TV old people unless educated people are more likely to be conservative. If a certain group of people's more likely to watch TV and certain group of people is more likely to be conservative a conservative network on TV would you better than a liberal network? Now, this isn't to say that younger more educated people. In other words, liberal people aren't watching new. They are. But they're more likely to get their news from somewhere other than cable television. How many young people do you know that our court cutters? People who don't have cable television at all. Well, those people aren't able to watch Fox News CNN MSNBC, if the old people that are left the old people, they're the ones who are more conservative. Here's another reason why this might be true. There's only one conservative cable, news outlet, FOX, the liberal and centrist audience that's being split between different networks. CNN MSNBC. Maybe aljazeera. There are ton of other less conservative networks that are going to split that audience 'nother thing this is maybe the biggest when it comes to your podcast. This is the big lesson here that I want you to take away FOX is not news. They call it, Fox News. But it is actually an entertainment network. It is personality driven entertainment personality matters. When people listen to your podcast, they are not listening solely for the content. They're listening for you. You can get the basic content anywhere. But where can you get the personality? You were the only one that has the personality that you bring to the table as far as content. You could do the exact same episode is me or anybody else, but you could dominate it based on your personality. If you've got a personality that your audience is interested in that's the big lesson. You can get the basic content anywhere where else can you get the personality nowhere? You're the only one who can bring that such yourself up to be the only choice people have when it comes to your viewpoint and also your brand of content. They zig zag they're conservative. You're more conservative. They're liberal. You're more liberal their religious, your nonreligious their religious. You're more religious bring a point of view bring a personality. You're not going to please everyone. So concentrate on really pleasing, the people that are into you. Then he's bringing up more personality that is the secret sauce. It's not content subcontinent. King. Well, that's a content is Queen personality is king who's going to deliver the content. Podcasters? Don't wanna nameless faceless voice. They want you your personality as wine a lot of the episodes from Bill to be podcast. You're gonna hear me tell him personal stories. I want you to get connected to me. Lot of you've podcast in device. Nobody can deliver in the way that I do same for you a lot of people share in that advice that you've got nobody can deliver it in the way that you

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