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A really when Leah when Lena laughed she just she went like gangbusters really really just made everything solid you know I think she was an unlikely candidate for that I mean if you because she had one point been a very vociferous defender and data at and yet so wouldn't suddenly I mean and she of course has all this you know this this New York swagger even though she's been living in California she was ten or something but she's got all this sort of like Brooklyn attitude and how to weigh in and and a vocabulary to match is it doesn't matter and I think but that's what I think that was part of what she just came out swinging and so hard and it and I think that's I think that we kind of made a believer out of a lot of people that if all people it was Leah Remini who just you wouldn't I I don't know this wasn't the top of the list I didn't think but I mean that that's in the end that's probably what I mean that in king of queens which is going to be known best for but I think right now it's neck and neck well I mean it she won an Emmy for the aftermath yeah college in the aftermath program money any and and even in that program I was learning things that I do worry about the subject it was it was I mean it really was heartbreaking to because I was on that I was on the worker and if it we were we were working we were we were you know punching in and and doing work all day and just work into the bone the some of the horrible stories that we heard that happen to people that were members they were paying right and they were getting treated court will you do a little bit about that because you even talk at the beginning of the book and I went back to to re read it and at at the because first copy I had is hard cover right slim first John I got and it so here are meeting the the paper back and and that that section about guys the but that guy you knew who was really wealthy who is just getting cleaned out all my gosh right hundreds of thousands of dollars are going out the door for this way just a few weeks ago ditty of how would how did he end up in the broke at the end that was zero really really was he he didn't even do half the things he pay for his entire wife and him to do all of Scientology's everything back right everything they have on the list and I don't even think he got to the top and he was he was still drinking the Kool aid until the day he passed and I just found out I want to say in November he passed away and I when I heard I was I was sad because I got a man that's really rough I mean he was my best friend's dad right so you were you were in the house the day they came over to to lay out the gold package that's right yeah it was insanity yes but that they're not crazy thing was is that when we when we so when I left in two thousand five I was just like I'm gonna go my way those guys can go their way I don't I'm I'm not I didn't set out to be this big right you know to bring them down renegade and and and do all these exposes I'm just I just want to live my life and and we started seeing all these weird things and you know we're people around the neighborhood in which it went on for years and years and and I was always like I think somebody's following affecting someone's dig into the trash now no you're crazy you're paranoid and a lot of that act Scientology people that leave their paranoid because there's all these stories about all the stuff that they did right anyway well there was a guy that escaped and he happened to be the guy that was in charge of the office of special affairs really when he laughed he had a thumb drive in on that some drive was my dossier and he sent it to me and this is probably I don't know two thousand ten two thousand eleven maybe and in the dossier it had everything they had been doing they had been collecting our garbage every week they had our phone records I called how long they spoke they had all sorts of things all these this correspondence from the office of special affairs in Los Angeles to the religious technology center at that at the headquarters and one of the funniest things was of at that same exact time I was in touch with people that we're going to the property and doing deliveries not Scientologists like just people that would just suck supplied things to the property right that I knew from when I was at the property for so long and they would give me updates on what people worked where and I would leak these things on the internet and I would talk about different things that I would write these different things that were happening at the end base as if I was there currently and I was writing it under a pseudonym which was blown for good hi an act that called back to when you blow you can write we captured but I was blown for good I was never going back so they had a receipt that had collected from my garbage for a wireless video transmitter and they have somehow put the pieces together that somehow I had installed this video transmitter at the property and I was outside the property just getting computer screens sent from here some I don't know how they thought this was going to work but they had ripped the property up part turn the place upside down trying to find this video transmitter that I'd bought because they got the receipt out of my garbage well I had installed the thing somewhere in the valley in the lobby of the company for some corporate display it has nothing to do with them but they.

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