Canada, European Union, President Trump discussed on America First with Sebastian Gorka


The business's president trump raised objection to an E. U. terraformed lobsters threatening a reprisal of that terror of has not dropped European Union charges are subject they don't judge Canada this is for the press Canada doesn't for the same exact laps in the same waters we the European Union does a drop that media we're gonna put a tariff on their cars which would be equivalent to president also took action today to allow commercial fishing in a marine conservation area off the New England coast also a tone hold outcome prosecutors are investigating after a video captured police in buffalo New York shoving a seventy five year old man who then fell and cracked his head the video shows a man identified as Martin Gugino approaching a lot of officers clearing demonstrators from Niagara square around curfew time a man falls backward and hits his head on the pavement the mayor says that man is in serious condition president trump describing the latest unemployment data as outstanding White House correspondent Greg Clugston reports economists had predicted several million more job losses in may but U. S. employers added two and a half million workers to their payrolls and the president was quick to trumpet the news today is probably if you think of it the greatest comeback in American as you but you just have to stop here it's going to keep going he believes the worst of the corona virus pandemic and its economic fallout is behind us and says the economy is going to go up like a rocket ship Greg Clugston Washington jobs report gave Wall Street a shot of adrenaline today the Dow finishing up over three percent the nasdaq ahead over.

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