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This movie's darkest hour and the real entity war the last confirmed person in this movie tim stanley let's say anything stanley that story came out of that them if you want to be mean tame right now i don't wanna kick them kicking ninety five year old man while he's down we all heard about what stanley is done right i don't think that's what the story was about no no that story is that what was done to him and that was on conscionable yeah stanley sold a lot of credit over the years he peaked in mallrats rumored people go through this quick how do you kevin smith was like i thought i had this great cameo over the ages and then it turns out he's going to be like forty other movies probably emily van camp's agent thirteen that's a friend of kept american michael douglas's hank pym i know him evangeline lilly's think his hands feel he's fascinated like they're coated advance lead though hank pam or michael douglas douglas why would his hands because looks like a guy who's like like why did i shake is hey why would say hey and like that dyas michelle or married you know what i sandy tom i worked at a place where i had to talk about sin frequently in for a while i was saying diet and like i thought i was going to get murdered by people wind fix how you said it earlier than.

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