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I don't know I don't think I can't you do that. Though my mind is still incapable of comprehending what happens dude I was. I was taking a nap to like my is is going in and out of sleep and my phone starts blowing up. I'm like what could this possibly be and it's that irritating. After that what happened I achieved. I accepted okay sales about the feel like a one hitter because that's the only way we can gets worse so I didn't see it live. I just got a text for my down. That said Stroman go to Matt's Cashman better have a good reason why he isn't a Yankee and I was I. I read it like ten times as I don't believe this is true I went to toward our solitudes. I Still Zoltan believes this is true. I just don't honestly it's it's twelve fifty three. I still really believe it's true yeah. Would you have given up Clinton stroman deal breath. Even though it's only for your mouth yes our Donna to. I don't really understand what we're doing. At this point. I like him obviously but but if you're gonNA keep him in the minors well then trade him. It's better for him. It's better for us at that point. You know if you're GONNA play like we love. Mike Talk with Mike. We've camera Maven is really no room for frazier right now. Trade him US now. I assume that's what they're going to do the next three days so whatever but a- apparently that was holed up to Toronto confusion they said No. What are we doing here? You know I I was talking to myself. I don't know what I was going to say there but <hes> this is the most important seventy two hours in Brian CASHMAN's career. I think our the Yankees the fact that they won the division so twenty twelve Paul then won the world series they haven't been to the world series in two thousand nine nor one it the red sox obviously had lost successfully. You finally have a team that you've built <unk> by yourself Brian Cashman. This is your baby. All these you know the baby bombers all them. They're all Brian Cashman and you have this terrible track. DOC record of acquiring starting pitching lately just does not work out the sunny grades of the World James Paxton's. You know you've just basically swung them on everything the you now. I'll have a full farm system trade plenty guys Floreal included tons of guys right and you know the market is a little drive like the top tier. You guys you know you don't you know Max. Scherzer is available but he needs to really put Thursday through Saturday hey man. We don't have starting pitching. They also have an offense. It's unbelievable. They're you know they're ten up in the loss. Come in first place in the American League East One of the best divisions in baseball baseball. If not the best you need to get you need to do your job and this is a legacy definer the next seventy two hours for Brian Cashman yeah legend dramatic. I mean no I don't I don't disagree. I think that no matter what happens I still think Africans is Super Smart Martin but you're right the big blemish on his resume. Even though this rebuild has gone so well and he's hit on all these trees up nothing and guts you know Hicks indeed e cetera knock him has been as ability to scout pitch and it just hasn't worked out ozzy. SCIENC- like a no brainer but he said the trees and and stuff. They just haven't worked out. There's no luke voids of like the starting rotation or it's like underrated gems. That's right. It's nuts and you know it's it is the worst kept secret in baseball thanking starting pitcher so the Yankees are desperate. Other teams are going to know that they have the best opportunity to win a world world series..

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