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WB ap dot com Spot In the second inning, no less against one of the better pitchers in baseball. If not at the top. That's really big. It's just fun to see those guys do so well and please always around six. Rangers pitcher Jordan Lyles Following last thanks five to win a global I field Against the New York Yankees. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of Plain of Sports is Kim Selim Rangers Come home after bad road trip. They lost both games last week in San Francisco. Then they lost four in a row down in Houston against the Astros. And last night having to face a Yankee seem which can make it feel like the world game with all the Yankee fans that show up that live here in D FW to see their team play the Yankees. I should mention aren't the best team in baseball there? Maybe not even the best team in their division right now. They're currently in fourth place, but their ace Gerrit Cold didn't have his best stuff and the Rangers stamp. They're losing ways to get the wind so good way for them to start the home stand. Where they've got the Yankees for three more games and unusual be here Friday, Saturday and Sunday and kind of a disappointing way to guess wrap up the regular season. Batiste You announced yesterday that their game against Texas State scheduled for tonight Has been called off due to the expected thunderstorms that Brad's been talking about in the Fort Worth area so they'll close it out the regular season at Kansas State and then be in the Big 12 tournament. Next week in Oklahoma City. I would think they might be hosting one of the regionals. Once we get to the playoffs. That's your check on sports. I'm Steve Land at work or at home connected. Listen online when you're smart speaker or by our W B A B F Now morning use with Al.

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