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I i mean my best quote is britannia tubular bridge the britannic bill bridge with the most risky the most dangerous the most terrifying projects that anybody did and it involved who lot of new techniques including hell hell we're going to put in place when murky what that can shut the navigation channels and say they were floated into place on pontoons and checked up and robert stevenson is terrified of the flushing is terrified of the whole thing and he is recorded by the painter who painted them all up on the bridge as being too outward seeming as carmen immobilizes iron structure but it is but as his nerve tension increased with the suspense attending the carrying out of the complex movements of flushing the tubes in volunteers with seeing to be trickling down his face they were under tremendous s they had the whole of society on the they had the whole of the expectations for society writing on nationals and robert stevenson more than any of them and it showed an employee i'm really i'm good that's very good question and it'll go to just about as many people listening right well this this this question about whether engineers were below the saw i think i agree with julia that by seventy by the second half of the nineteenth century engineers cruel very successfully up the social scale and yes arguably the has been something of a decline since the but i think it least in part of the explanation is the engineers of themselves to blame like they have fragmented their professional organization actually the stevenson's regret example this so by by eighteen twenty there was a professional institution institution civil engineers still very much with us and that ramp represented all sorts of engineers.

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