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And if you remember, although they threw it away, remember the king's speech, wonderful movie. Yeah. I had read about king George VI, 40 years ago. Because being left handed, I was in college, and I was intrigued by the story. The true story about him was, the man who wrote the book about it was in charge of the BBC, taking king George's speeches during World War II, editing the stuttering, and then putting the speech on the BBC. And he kept doing this. That was his job. And after a while, he started to think. Well, if stuttering is the sign of frustration, what in the world does the king of the British Empire have to be frustrated about turned out he was left handed, forced to be right hand. So when I went to the movie, I knew all that. And I was waiting because I came close to it. There was one line in the movie, and they kind of threw it away. I mean, he's like, so no, I didn't start a thanks to doctor Rhodes. Now, it sounds to me like one of the most influential people in your life has to have been Red Barber. And I just wonder when you two, how you two first met, I know there's an interesting story around this and just why it is that you think he championed you. First of all, I worked for CBS in Washington when I graduated. And I worked, I was a summer replacement announcer. So as each announcer went on vacation, I assumed all of his duty, so it was a marvelous experience. Also, it's a 50,000 watt station. So I went from not even the minors from amateur on college to the major leagues in broadcasting. So that was quite a jump. And surprise of all, into October, I was finished. They had all had their anniversary, whatever the holidays were. And also the vacations. And the managers said, we would love to hire you permanently in February. Wow, I thought that's great. And going back to New York, he gave me some letters of introduction to several people at CBS in New York. One of whom was ahead of news, I think his name was Ted church, lovely man. We talked for a good ten, 15 minutes. And eventually sports came up and as soon as I mentioned, yes, I had done some sports and I played sports. That was a chance for him to lateral me. So he lateraled me very nicely to Red Barber. When I went to see red, it was one of those stories. It was putting his hat and coat on, because it was October late. And he said, I'm sorry, my wife is circling the block, leave your name, et cetera. It was an emergency. CBS had a game show on Saturday, four games, and they would bounce from one game to the other. One gave back and forth. And eventually, the games would be decided early, and you might wind up with one really good game. So one of the announcers fell ill and I came home one night and my wonderful Irish red haired mother said to me, oh Vinny, you'll never guess who called, and I said, no, mom, who, and she said, red skelton. No, I don't think so. But could it be Red Barber? Yes. I went to see rad. He had already checked. This was typical of red. He had called fordham. He had called the athletic director. He called W TLP where I had worked all summer. And apparently I passed all of those investigations.

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