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Yeah yeah. I like that. He was neurotic. I thought that was great. Yeah yeah sorry. That's my rebel wilson. Oh you're dying. We know she. She'll sure sure sure. Sure sure yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah you're rebel. Wilson your dianne. Wiest live on the same street. Much like your sharing your dave matthews bash. Sure sure rebel is a little wider. It's this it's like fuller. She is a bigger lawn on. Yeah yeah exactly But yeah no chris. O'dowd the the the the scene when he's teaching her how to you. Know use this pedometer. And then he you know he's now cock your laptop and he has. It's like i just wanna man to like you. Objectify me like that. You know in that sort of charming way. Good anyway Yeah otherwise the other man. Moment i noticed was at the very end. When they're all dancing to wilson phillips. And there's a shot of my rudolph and doug and doug is doing the face that you hate at a wedding shows. He's he's biting his lower lip And moving his neck. To wilson phillips. I i don't want to be mean but doug's not my type. Yeah i get that. I wonder how much of that was him acting. Or how much of like. Who is that actor. Tim heidecker is he. Oh he's like a big absurdist. Does tim and eric awesome show. Great job weird weird weird shit like. He's actually very funny. I think it's the kind of thing where sometimes it's really funny and sometimes it's like this is meant to put you off but i think the funniest thing it's not actually him but he like is involved in producing i think writing it but there's this whole character that john c reilly does of dr steve brule. I don't know if you've ever seen any of that. No it's very funny but tim. Heidecker is behind that he is one of those things where yeah he has like no lines in the movie but he's clearly a friend of everybody involved. Because tim heidecker has his own huge career on his own. Got it okay. So it's almost like professional nod like let's just get him. Yeah timmel to play this part. Yeah yeah won't be funny to have tim in that role Have him on set. Yeah but he's yeah lake. Doug doug's not my type. That's.

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