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Forty four thirty five good morning sandy your on kelo now good morning her um my my thing is i didn't do anything wrong why are they going after them because they're not doing anything wrong at all i would agree with you you know that does it make sense for them to make the changes um when everybody knows it's it's so you don't put in your mouth he needs to go after the stupidity of the people that are doing it the my government needs to do anything in this regard well yeah government doesn't need to stick their nose and everything people are going to be stupid we've been doing it for a long time little i'll continue long after you would i heard talk on generations do stupid things all the time and then they finally learn and it goes away they're going to try something different agreed i remember people would race it each other down the highway and play chicken see who would be the first to chicken out race toward each other down the highway going to be first to turn chicken this is just part of being young unfortunately three three six 13th winning i tom your fellow bitcoin girl yeah you know we should oh it's populist have to pay for the ignorance of a few and like you said kids will be kids unfortunately in so many of us are lucky that were not more her than we do right and and kids do dairy each other do things you don't touch you're talking to a ninevolt battery eat at least shoot we used to jump off the bridge at the state's rights you know m swimming jump on in a study where to get hurt you don't back then you're not looking my parents wouldn't be looking to sue the state of south dakota because we jumped off the bridge at the palace as you know take my blood exactly the fencing and that would probably be the last talks and that's kind of what it boils down to their books but that's why it's so many things are getting extensive nowadays because people think that you know well you didn't have a wedding wave you still you all us millions of dollars or you have conceding just because the government regulation daunted don't suck a little bit tom um and in this case it's not even that they're looking for warning label then they can substantially change.

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