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The seconds of your tropical storm to hit the nation within six weeks. The government said earlier today that thirty eight people have died as a result of the cyclone which hit the northeastern port of Pemba and nearby areas on April eighteenth, KOMO news time eleven sixteen. Liberal Democrats put all their hopes behind their collusion delusion. Which is now been totally exposed to the world is a complete and total fraud for third year in a row. President Trump skip the White House correspondent's dinner Saturday night choosing to instead attend a rally for supporters in Green Bay, Wisconsin is campaign style event where Trump also slammed his opponents with a recap of what took place there and a look ahead joined by ABC's. Karen Travers at the White House. Karen, tell us about the Saturday rally. The president seemed to have a healthy turnout from his base there. These events our favorite things. The president does get out in front of a crowd, and he also can play off of what's happening back in Washington to say, you know, back their inner I'm not going to hear. I'd rather be with you order. Ours is either really only the remarks feed off the crowd look for the president and you doing these events as he's done over the past couple of months. This was the first one is report had been released its prize. He went after the Russia probe, but I think this will ramp up and president. Now, I think likes the fact that there are more democratic rivals out there, especially with the entry of Joe Biden last week. And he's gonna talk about those top contenders to and there's a new ABC news Washington Post poll out healthcare approval ratings tell us so at what some of the numbers are and what kind of jumps out at this number thirty nine percent approval rating for the president which is about what being in the last couple of weeks. Fifty five percent of those flatly loud voting for him reelection in two thousand twenty twenty and you know, if you look at this, though, this isn't the greatest thing flam done for the democrat either. Because people are essentially saying this plays out twenty nine percents of those who say. The president for reelection. He'll definitely support. Whoever is the democratic nominee. Third say waiting that it and the president also called to express his condolences yesterday to the rabbi who survived that shooting at a synagogue near San Diego tweeted about that today. Bended condolences. We were actually in the room with the rabbi interviewing him when the president's phone call in that we heard rabbi say to the president that very grateful for the call and their conversation with the president lifted his spirits, president said take care of yourself. All right, anything on the agenda for the president today is welcoming the Baylor women's basketball team to the White House today to celebrate their national championship earlier this month isn't the first women Campionships that come to the Trump White House to celebrate a big victory. Also comes as Virginia men basketball teams is declining an invitation to come to the White House citing scheduling conflicts, they have a couple of players leaving for the NBA come together. But we should know as only about two hours away for all right? Karen, thanks for the update. We'll talk to you soon. Take care. Maybe sees Karen Travers at the White House. The bureau of labor statistics is out with its latest snapshot on the job market ABC's. Jim Ryan tells us which careers are hot. And which ones are not the healthcare sector remains a well loyal job generator with the need for physical, therapists nurse practitioners and physician's assistants on the rise at least through the year twenty twenty six even at some careers or enjoying expansion. Others are quickly disappearing openings for telephone operators will decline twenty three percent over the next seven years. That's ABC's. Jim Ryan, KOMO news time eleven twenty time for the propel insurance business update now. Yeah, you really can unplug from your job while you're on vacation ABC's. Daria Albinger, who always checks. Her Email, which.

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