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The number and if you feel like calling all talk to you that's a roundabout exgirlfriend nonsense that's what the giants are pulling off right now so we've got a stuff that aside and actually deal with the real because according to a league source that's told our own adam schefter the giants have asked for at least two first round picks in return for oda beckham junior and i love the espn dot com article i of tongue firmly planted in cheek on this that's the sentence the new york giants have asked for at least two first round picks in return for odell beckham junior a league source tells espn's adam schefter even though the team insists it's not shopping the three time pro bowler shopping what what a concept although listen if you ask a lot of people few asked jeff schwartz former new york giants offensive lineman co host of the locker room here on espn radio when he joined spain and fits yesterday he's saying this is already a done deal he's already gone oh he's totally gone there's no way the giants in the way they keep teams coach like they do is not going to smoke around it i just saw tweet owes asia now is talking about the rams are gonna get along that fake goes through i think we're seeing the giants decide they're gonna go full rebuild i think they'll trade hotel they'll get a first round pick to would be enormous price to pay for wide receiver who's gonna want twenty million dollars a year take rosen it to an allied bear year at that you know they basically hit reset on the on the franchise first and last year on espn radio and the espn that's the key that's the key is this has to be married to some sort of strategy i've always been a big proponent of trusting the process love it one of the greatest banners for any movement in sports than i can remember because it was branding that for awhile was positive then got really negative then became a caricature and now thanks to joel embiid he is taking it back he's taken up the mantle four sam hinkie and he's made the process but there's this misnomer that the process is not open for tinkering that once you set a strategy as a.

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