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Unemployed Californians are having trouble accessing money. The Employment Development Department has given them. They say people aren't able to get through to call centers or if they are there. Issues aren't solved more than three dozen states senators and assembly members from both sides of the aisle, saying it's simply unacceptable Californians entitled to benefits or suddenly not able to obtain them because of the determination that's impossible to appeal. The coronavirus positivity rate is up 51% in California over the last two weeks. KFBK is Jack Cronin has the latest Dr Mark Gallery, the state secretary of health and human services, says hospitalizations were up. 81% ICU admissions up 57% of the last two weeks. We've had in two weeks 51% increase in test positivity For us, It's a major difference. That means that instead of a small number of people who get tested, testing positive, that number is going up. Been. In fact, it's 1.5 times greater than it was just two weeks ago for more California counties been moved back into the purple tier of the coronavirus Watch list, meaning 95% of the state's population 45 of the 58 counties. Now in the most restrictive tear. There are no more calories left in the least restrictive yellow tear. Jack Cronin News 93.1 KFBK, California can't ban custom license plates that are deemed offensive. Federal judge ruling in a case filed in March against D M. V. Director Steve Gordon on behalf of five Californians who were denied permission to put their messages on personalized license plates. U. S District Judge John Tigers says it violates freedom of speech. He does know the D M V could be permitted to deny plates that are obscene, profane or contain hate speech because they fall outside of First Amendment protections. Sacramento Kings or bolstering their big man rotation, signing seven footer Hassan Whiteside to a one year deal. I'm Joe Michael's news 93.1 kfbk. Sacramental traffic. If you're making the right upto Bear Valley how we foreclose from route 207 at the Mount Reba, Turn off two rounds 89 if it's pass the right, beeping and creeping in Elk Grove South 99 between Outgrow Boulevard in S Tinga Road Slowing and Davis he's found 80 between 1 13 and Mace Boulevard. And the Vietnam Veterans Rest area on South Town. High five is shut down for landscape work set to reopen on December 1st Steve Herrera news that the 3.1 kfbk now Sacramento weather.

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