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New sleep number 3 60 limited edition smart that ends Monday to learn more go to sleep number dot com 3 18. Traffic and weather on the AIDS. How are commuters doing today? Dave Building, There is nothing all too spectacular about the magnitude of the Friday volume delays. It's very slow in many places on the Beltway and 95 between Baltimore and Fredericksburg and on 66 West and Fairfax County. But nothing too terrible going on right now. On the interstates, at least near Farrokh Small, westbound traffic on route 50 remained slow because of the crash between 66. U. S stocks wrote initially. Traffic was stopped on 50 and sent down the Fair Oaks Mall ramp, But we haven't had an update about 30 minutes. Now at the Potomac River Bridges to and from downtown D, C and Northwest. The work zones are clearing inbound 14th Street Bridge. The crews are backing up and clearing their works on from the right lane. All lanes open on the Roosevelt Bridge and all lanes open on Glebe Road south of Chain Bridge will come back later on tonight and resume that project of payment run and a reminder for the past several weeks. The lights At chain Bridge and Canal Road have been on the frets on 95 are on 2 17. HTM Slow traffic Gaithersburg to Germantown to Clarksburg. Normal volume delays on the BW Parkway near 32 Green Belt and the crash on I 97 north of Route 50 remains on the median strip. The traffic's moving well, you're making good time on 53 Annapolis. Toward the Bay Bridge. Dave del nine w t o P. TRAFFIC Let's check in with Mike Standiford. A beautiful fall like afternoon a good deal of sunshine, breezy and pleasant. Our highs will be in the mid to upper seventies. It'll be clear and cool. Tonight that wins will die..

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