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Lieber and then deja neighbors like oh my god i just like playing with old ass outdated toys you know and it gives you a lot of pleasure to be like look how easy it look. Look look good. I did your. Yeah totally totally. I think it's the disproportionate enthusiasm describe. That really makes jarring to one thing to get the hand me downs and just being like oh this is nice you know but to act like you're the first person who wore it and get that excited i think is the really troubling troubling part. This next part is interesting. What did you find interesting challenging or simply different about the process of writing safe word versus other short stories. You've written that she goes. It was my first time writing this much about sex. And we could tell you. Say for official. But even so i'm fervently hoping my parents and the rest of my family don't she it if they're they're they don't care if they thought they'd be like oh. I think this is a little weird. But whatever and that's that's vision. Parents invest the most difficult part of this. That's very juvenile concern like their their parents. Don't see it that you're a grown person. Can you mentioned like you know the guy Flaubert the author of a madame. Bovery at a guy who wrote Lady chatterley's lover like book band being like. I was really worried about my parents seeing like this like these people are thinking very stuck in adolescence. Like it's a very juvenile type of naarden this to me. It's sexy. sex men sexy stories. Perspective comes not from jenny who is grappling with powerful. They're not read that powerful previously unconfessed desires but from her spouse who is somewhat befuddled by those desires. What made you decide to write from the husbands perspective. I enjoyed the fictional remove of writing from the perspective of someone so manifestly unlike me a straight white man in this case now so he did it again for your novel value privacy. Her novel is the same thing. Yeah yeah as i said. It's from the whole mainly from the perspective of the the white interesting. So i'm sure it must be a lot of weird you just saying that was deep. Trevor made it. That's what we were talking about Saying i might have been talking about something else. When i said that was ono after the concept was deep by he was only referring within this story at catch depart. No no the idea of catching that. This story was mainly from the The white man's perspective and that it was basically you know. Chris was saying that was the novel as well. He said that was the novel as though that's crazy so she's really. I kinda wanna read the search. It's interesting and it's also very narcissistic to kind of because when they might narcissist it's not which viewed themselves but narcissism is about other matching. How other people view you do. Yes well think about the layers of that shit. It's like what made you. The real question is hey. What made you write a fake interview with a fake interview. Were your fake friend. Asking you about what it was like to write about yourself from your fake husband. Oh my god you're just like there's so much false self because that's what mars is this really want they want you want to see themselves through someone else. They wanna see a false idealized version of themselves like they don't want to see their real selves warts and all through the other person's eyes and everything here is a construction the fake interviews constructed version of her talking about a a constructive version of her in a book. It's yeah you're right. It's the layers of artifice. That's a very good insight I value privacy. And then imagine yeah. Imagine imaginative remove can give me more freedom to be truthful to the story. I think offering a rolling bar tomato lavarra's per day. Oh i advanced pointing to my mask. That's a way to literary a reference for this executive that said i've been interested in trying to put aside the skies and i'm hoping my next novel will be less demographically mask so i guess more openly narcissistic clean. So i'm guessing this time it'll be from the asia ones yes of and the white boyfriends okay. Yeah so. she's going to be more open about talking about her. I guess it'd be more open bragging than you know putting the compliments in the mouth of A fake a fake other So the work of religion. The answer is not that not that interesting. Well that is interesting. None of that is in the tax so she goes I was interested in exploring what happens when they find themselves. Falling short of this Religious idea i. I grew up hardcore krishan to as soon as i read this new that she grew christian. Because it's such a clearly author self insert. I was desperately serious about it. Then in high school i lost my fate. I'd have stayed with it. If i could but i couldn't and i miss it and him with capital h. For god every day in genesis one of the first things god has us do is has us do is to name the rest of the earth i think i almost believe in some absurd childish level that if i work very hard in my writing if i do exactly as he said the absent god in whom i can't believe will relent. And he'll come back. That sounds interesting but it doesn't cohere at all. Like what does it have to do with naming the rest of the earth also that she really believed this story is going to bring back god. That's very self-important view of her own. She's interviewing herself like she's like the fucking second coming of some great film director. It's so bizarre that the interview is longer than the story. Yeah if you want to read Anisur marquan Uncle regina zang's she's way more interesting than this. I'm not gonna read the rest of it. Because it's just very boring your. She talks about cheese for hope so she so uninteresting. It's filton chevron relative di buffalo gouda tower. So it's just cheese a i'm awash with longing my god it talking about korean. Skincare that insects korean skin. Carry the and talking about the books that she's reading. It's pretty use us one last thing. I'll bring up. This is from the roxane gay. So he's another one of these fake interviews roxanne. So i guess this book It gets a big buzz. A buzz on guessing. This story gets a buzz buzz. Them thinking is property. Hurt just self. Generating the buzz. Like i think she i never heard of it yeah. Us senator to me. Yeah the same way The story in the same issue got published in already. Had enough of a buzz that required a second article about in the same issue written by our friend. I think there was probably always a plan to do this. Anthology of Know erotica by other blue checks. They should they should put blue check into like the title so called a king. They you know they should. They should have called it. Like checks and sex or something like you know. just just have this Blue check sex writing the most formalistic boring. We can make anything boring but it can kill. You know what i was gonna make sex addiction like.

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