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There I think it's a very sad day for our. Country Metaphor. Faces eighteen felony counts on tax evasion and Bank fraud The senate's plans to work through much of August have gotten off to a rocky start after, putting in just over one full day of work this week the Senate has adjourned and gone home. At least eight senators including seven Republicans skip the, entire week the whole thing doesn't sit well with majority leader Mitch McConnell who criticized his colleagues and complained that it would be. Nearly impossible to schedule votes with so many absences with temperatures MDC hovering in the nineties and the mid terms about ten weeks away many of the lawmakers hope to use, the time at home to campaign Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hines the house is out for the, entire month a Turkish court has, rejected appeal for US pastor Andrew, brunson's released from house detention Washington kept putting on the. Pressure but on credit, did not give in for third time a Turkish court ruled the. American pastor Andrew Branston could not be released and sent home his lawyer said he would. Be appealing against the ruling, in a tweet posted. Earlier today President Trump called Missa Brunson, a great patriot hostage he doubled tariffs on imports of Turkey stealing Minium last week sending Turkish lira to a. Record low Washington repeatedly warned, that Turkey could face. Further sanctions if Mr. Bronson was not released That's the BBC's ceiling curate a lawyer for a Colorado man suspected in the. Deaths of his pregnant wife and two young daughters says the daughters bodies were submerged or four days before. They were found the fats attorney James Merson made, the statement at.

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