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At yale at the whole of graduate studies which building i know very well and in the common room at the whole of graduate studies there was a graduate student at yale black woman who had fallen asleep and one of her fellow students call the cops thinking that she didn't belong there that she was some homeless person who was sleeping inappropriately in a common area look it's problematic stuff and there is a a petition darin martin worked at the obama white house i'm not sure what he did for the obama might house but right now he has launched this hashtag living while black movement and it's covered by layla foll on npr a listen or examples have emerged where white people are calling the police on people of color mostly african americans when there's little to no reason to do so here's npr's leila fadel it starts with the nine one one call at an airbnb i black man at one of my neighbor's homes walking outlets luggage at a university campus there are two young men joined and their behavior is just really odd at a starbucks i i have two gentlemen of my cafe refusing to make a purchase or lease targets of these calls where people of color most often black who ultimately were living their everyday lives in some cases the caller and law enforcement denied they had anything to do with race for for many observers especially people of color it was about race they say a flurry of examples over the last couple months are part of a systemic problem of people abusing the nine one one system to police racial lines yeah and by the way this is one of those things where it's not an indictment of the cops when the cops get a nine one one call you respond we all expect that we don't expect people to hang up on you say oh wait i think you're you're have racist intent here i'm not gonna come cops have dining wrong and by the way in that famous case at yale it's you cannot blame the cops for anything that they did they came in they talked to the woman she was extremely put out an angry and they asked for her idea she didn't want to give her id but nothing there was no arrest there was certainly no injury no violence so what do you need to have happen darin martin talks.

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