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About three thirty this morning by the alarm on the ring Kobe saying that someone was in our backyard Johnson has been charged with the homicide of correctional administrator Deborah Johnson a man charged with killing eleven worshipers at the Pittsburgh synagogue last year has a court hearing today authorities say Robert Bowers opened fire with an A. R. fifteen rifle and other weapons during worship services inside tree of life synagogue killing eight men and three women before police shot and wounded him it was the deadliest attack on Jews in US history hours has pleaded not guilty to hate crimes and other offenses a Pennsylvania Superior Court panel today is set to hear bill Cosby's appeal in what became the first celebrity trial of the meat to era Cosby's lawyers are fighting the judge's decision to let five other accusers testified last year's trial they say prosecutors use them to promote hysteria audiences have helped the fast and furious spin off Hobson Shaw take another lap at number one even with an onslaught of new movies this weekend universal pictures says Hobbes and John added another twenty five point four million dollars bringing its domestic total to one hundred eight point five million second place went to scary stories to tell in the dark close behind in third was the lion king if it was nasty out this weekend maybe those numbers would have been higher it was beautiful here here in the northeast mid Atlantic salmon I would just really nice thanks Jenn six minutes in front of the hour on this morning America's first news I'm not a big talker I am a big door but sometimes the only way to solve the problem is to.

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