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Face of a society that was consistently robbing dignity and also claimed black people had, no history and it was a refusal of the lie of, racial inferiority and it became a. Touch point For organization right so people again to sing, it at graduations at weekly simply Political, programs As a way of repeatedly that's telling themselves a story of who, they were and but also socializing people into a, belief system System that was about the struggle against racial Wadia belief system The court of their history And really enabled the building. Of a narrative of themselves that was contrary To this larger system of racial exclusion and I think it's, incredibly important I spend a. Lotta time in the book writing about children and it was really important it's part. Of the socialization I focused on the song as as an instance of cop, black formal culture which was. The kind of ritual practices Has serious ritual practices that party, institutional life partner, political associations deeply association life in general Not just Americans at the black Americans had in particular and what that enabled, and so in this moment You know which we are seeing much of this the shame of our history rearing its head. Again part of what I put the book with his actually an argument that we need to restore recuperate some. Of the practices that gay people, and the kind of resilience that was necessary to withstand an entire, society, it was built on their exclusion but also to strive for something just more equitable more humane Imani Perry Princeton University professor author of the. Book may we forever stand Thank you that, was lovely to listen to Hello Jackson it's wonderful to be here, as, an alabamian it feels very familiar Cheryl cash George law professor Well charlottesville The organizing principle for the Tiki torch guys was white nationalism and my book loving Is about the four. Hundred year history of constructing trying to construct a fictional lightness and then protect it And you know what what's odd a lot of people don't realize whiteness is a concept didn't even exist In. Colonial times in the first half of the seventeenth century you could find Indigenous black and white bonded, people working together And they would get drunk together have sex sometimes Mary Steele hawks together run off to live with the Indians and. Most pointedly for the plutocrats who oppress them sometimes they would rise up in revolt together and the main message of my book loving is that whiteness was created to solve a class. Conflict between wealthy planters and poor white servants it had a political function and this dog whistling to divide and conquer people who might collectively demand something of rich people continues to this day and every time in this country that. We have an assertion or reassertion of lightness there's a background Politic economics story a foodie Kratz betraying the very people their. Dog whistling to In this book I, feature I'm attracted to subversives who cross color lines. For love, or particularly activists and I'm, a child of a, civil rights family my father, God bless. In John Cassian founded the Alabama Cleveland Queant of the Mississippi freedom Democratic Party I, grew up around biracial, activists, who, joyfully, subverted white, supremacy feature. Throughout the book some of. My favorites suburban Fred Douglas Badia. Stevens and his I think common law wife, Lydia Smith a mixed race woman they. Were, stationed agents, on underground railroad together and this is a lesser known tradition Then what did, you think about Charlottesville last, year in. Particular yeah white nationalists or Laura Ingram people who openly declare that they fear and, don't like demographic change, what, they, really, need to, fear and. I try to emphasize this. In the book is a growing. Class of what I call culturally dexterous whites, that accepts diversity and even likes it I feature Let, me say. Sixty percent White millennials those under thirty agree with the black lives matter movement and, its? Critique of law, enforcement right so you know older, generations of, lights at fear the future, they they. Ought also fear dear grandchildren Their grandchildren.

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