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Of nature changing the world one life at a time I already ate very healthy it's scary if you came in here right now you crack up that if there's nothing but fruit and vegetables and grilled chicken it in the refrigerator and I got that because I I would go on to a lot of drive and I figured that that would keep me healthier because you know some kind grain few vitamins in your body so that's how it all started and I'm gonna learning with it because I know that you know whatever I'm doing and and I I also feel because a lot of people that are taking the product because like I listen to you guys on the news and everything a lot of people have a real elected and I feel like this is almost like a current then it kills me and I I will I will give it up this is not really hard I mean on your lawn and I mean that you know listen to your station late at night you know that the commercial and said you know what Bruton doubled how can I go wrong the most important thing is it's not a money making thing you actually care about people I mean at one point I was gonna stop taking it and then I got a message saying that even if you stop taking it you still have your coat one and that's when I really realize you are looking for money you really care about the human being and helping people in need. or thank you experience.

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