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6 10 W T V and calm news radio 6 10 w TVs always a pleasure to have you with us this morning Branded Boxer Show on news Ready or 16 W. T. V and Jeff Manasso from Fox News. Joining us in just a few seconds here Rapid fire stuff things that you need to know this morning. It is a big day today in the world of covert vaccinations here in the state of Ohio, Phase one be a used what the governor is calling. It starts today with those ages. 80 and over. You've got venues like the Schottenstein Center, which has been transformed into a massive outlet to give out those inoculations and let's see. Oh soo men's hoops tonight with Perdue at home. 6 30 Tip off Who stand Who's going with Buckeye football? We have that coming up with Matt McCoy around 8 45 it real quick. This is breaking news as of a few minutes ago. You may have heard the story about New York Mets general manager Jared Porter, who sent an explicit unsolicited text messages and images to a female reporter back in 2016. It was kind of Ah, big, big story, especially yesterday. Kind of blossom into something even more crazy. Well, word tomorrow this morning as of may be just a few minutes ago. The New York Mets have fired Cheron Porter among those reports We now had to Jeff Madonna so from Fox News this morning, who is covering President elect Joe Biden paying tribute to the victims of covert 19 pandemic on the eve of his inauguration. Good morning, Jeff Hey, Good morning, my friends. Oh, yeah. President Elect Biden Planning the lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial reflective tools to honor those Now almost 400,000 people in the U. S killed by the coronavirus, calling it the first ever lighting around the reflecting pool to memorialize American lives lost. On deprez intellect. Biden on the day before taking office, also inviting communities across the country to join Washington and, you know, letting up buildings houses ringing church bells. 5:30 P.m. Eastern time in the what's called the national Moment of Unity and Remembrance. And I saw this in the dark. Jeff Jeff in also from Fox News with us this morning on news radio, 16 w T. V and and I gotta be honest with you gave me some goose bumps just to think. Wow, This is That's it. That's a pretty powerful statement there to see it in the dark Anyway. All lit up. Yeah, I may be pretty cool to see I think pretty powerful stuff, particularly with your honoring almost 400,000 lives. AM and in many more who have worked so hard. First responders those in the medical field to help those devices to who have gotten it or or who knows somebody who's gotten it and who have been affected by it. It's Zanotti. Not the first time that the victims have current viruses have been honored. President Trump has done that. He's also included a proclamation back in May, 2 under the victims. Of covered 19. But let's hope whether you supported Biden or not that now we've got the new administration. They say that you know, they got some sort of plan to get us back to normal. Whatever that may be. I think that we can all get around the hope that we can get back to some sense of normalcy. And if this is kind of the beginning of that, then I think that's probably welcome and warranted at the same time. Absolutely. Jeff and I we saw that the Biden administration says that they're not planning that lifting coronavirus travel restrictions. Travelers from Europe, the U K and Brazil it this point, So yes, it sounds like Biden has an aggressive plan going forward on his first day of office tomorrow, by the way before we let you go. We wanted to wish you the best this weekend. It's Brady and Rogers. Yeah, it could be a tough matchup. I was. I was hoping for freezing Rogers. But I've got my packer flag flying high outside my house and And you know, just just hoping that we could go offline and get this the NFC Championship in back to the big dance for the first time in decades. So for you shaken, are you shaking with Brady and the Bucks it all? Mm. No, But it's just the thing about Brady is you just always used to squirm out of it in his window? Yes. You know, it's just one of those things. So, But look, we're looking good. I mean, Aaron Rodgers Uncredible quarterback As long as he's protected, I said, okay, and it's not like I mean, granted. I know it won't be packed. But it's at Lambeau Field, so Lambeau Field level field and you know this last weekend's game, we they had a few 1000 people, and it was different. You know, it changed the tone. It just it just made it more electric and So so we'll see. Yeah, I I'll be everywhere in all my Attackers here, you know, just looking like a typical typical Wisconsin native Know Packer enough and, you know, she said that she said to okay. A definitely Jesus. Definitely. You have to tweet it to me. Okay? You have to tweet Selfie. No, not a chance. All right, Jeff Man has a fox news Go. Packers. Thanks. All right. 8 41 radio 6 10 telling you TV end sports That's expected Justin Fields. Buckeye career is over the big 10 EVP announcing he's leaving school early to enter the NFL draft. Three other Buckeyes making the same announcement on deadline Day to declare defensive tackle Tommie Choke EI All American guard Wyatt Davis and linebacker Barron Browning. Leaving always she was well, but not every buck I star is leaving early right now. Krystle Lava projected first round of the NFL announced he's staying for a senior year. So his defensive entire week Smith and tight end Jeremy record. Couple of other college football headlines. Luke Fickell Down in Cincinnati hires a trestle Might Trussell, Jim's nephew hired his defensive coordinator at you See, your place is former Buckeye Marcus Freeman, who took the D coordinator job at Notre Dame Trussell has been on Michigan State staff and at Tennessee. They're looking for a new head coach as Jeremy Pruitt has been fired hockey. The Blue Jackets get their first win of the season dip in Detroit. 3 to 2 was a 11 game headed to the third period when Alexander Tech Sian Pierre Luc Sabah broken open by scoring goals only about a minute. Hard. Joonas corporate salad did the rest. He gets the winning goal making 35 saves. Same. Two teams play again in Detroit tonight. They spark I basketball. Updated service, The Legacy Retirement group. The Buckeyes go for 1/4 straight win tonight, as they host Produce. The Boilermakers beat the Buckeyes in West Lafayette last month. A games of the Buckeyes did not have EJ Ladell alive State.

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