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Band in the first ever raider game at the Oakland Coliseum I was a mascot for the well don't Ian's marching band and I recall sitting in the brand new wooden bleacher seats near the south end zone at the Coliseum the raiders are putting the Kansas City Chiefs that day and I'd have time my best friend and neighbor Mikey's as love and I led the band out on the field to the strains of John Philip Sousa and they telecast the bands back down on live TV we could see a camera following us along the sideline on the back of a pickup truck course to games are blacked out back down in Oakland but who cares somewhere across the country me and Mike you were on TV what a thrill I grew up a raiders fan my dad introduced me to Darryl a Monica at a restaurant called Jake's line in San Leandro I remember lamonica throwing six TD passes and a half against the Buffalo Bills I also recall the heartache of all those championship game losses back to back to back to the jets the chiefs and the colds and then in nineteen seventy two the immaculate reception watching Franco Harris run down the sidelines as I paced the floor in our family room home in Oakland screaming no how could this be I remember sitting in the stands with my dad watching snake Stabler the raiders beat the dolphins in the seventy four playoffs the famous sea of hands I remember the joy we felt when the raiders finally beat the Steelers in seventy six and went on to crush the Vikings for their first Super Bowl title John Madden's big grant as he was carried off the field the raiders of my youth were big and bold and brash but blue collar the late cliff branch became my neighbor he used to.

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