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Occur for the crowd to virus Florida Republican representative Mario Diaz Balart says he developed symptoms on Saturday and that he later tested positive for covert nineteen he's been in self quarantine in his Washington DC apartment he says his wife is a cancer and chronic lung disease survivor and that both conditions Porter at exceptionally high risk so he has decided not to return to Florida out of an abundance of caution several other members of the U. S. house and the Senate have been under self quarantine after coming in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus Linda Kenyon Washington congressman was on the floor of the house as recently as early Saturday morning now second member Democrat Ben McAdams have you talked to did he tested as a part of the rotavirus he says he first felt symptoms on Saturday evening after returning from Washington he was tested on Tuesday received the positive result on Wednesday New Jersey governor Phil Murphy warns against big house parties and gatherings they have a large number of people you know remember the CDC put out the guideline for gatherings of ten people or less a concern I have and I can speak on behalf of Pat and law enforcement up and down the state we don't want to vents to go underground into people's homes if people are gathering in large numbers we don't care whether gathering it's a public health concern and we will enforce this aggressively over the coming days and weeks if need be four hundred twenty seven cases of covert nineteen and five deaths reported in the state so far the mayor of Newark ras Baraka sets up a curfew many nonessential businesses like salons and retail stores will have to close at eight PM it went into effect on Wednesday night it'll run the mayor says until at least April first now the mayor also says supermarkets pharmacies gas stations will remain open Windsor's time twelve fifty five the internet has changed so much in the way you bank PNC virtual wallet for digital banking it's time for a change now through March thirty first earn up to three hundred dollars when you open and use a select new virtual wallet product simply establish a qualifying direct deposit.

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