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Right now you can get the ultimate relationship program for 25 percent off until march fourth two thousand eighteen go to www dot tony robbins dot com forward slash you rp take advantage of this limited time special let me ask you something would if you've been taught about pleasure and what have you learned about sexual connection and is the very thought of answering those two questions make you a little bit uncomfortable he guys it's an editorial director for robbins research international in this episode of the toner of his podcast i'm sitting down with renowned sexologist giant and her partner ian john is the author of red hot touch and the founder of new world sex education company dedicated to using education to help men and women the sex lives they've always wanted her mission is to help unleash aerobic ecstasy and shift the cultural view of sexuality from being something that's bad wrong or shameful to something that scene as healthy and worth cultivating an even worth celebrating you may have seen jaya on the doctors good morning america nightline or cnn she's also been a guest speaker at tony's platinum partner amounts today we're exploring the ultimate language of connection passion and sexual satisfaction which giant refers to as the erotic blueprint giac created the erotic blueprint framework to help you discover your personal map of arousal and how you can understand yourself and your partner on a deeper level than ever before because it's not just about being able to communicate what you need it's about speaking the same language as your partner and learning how to honor and fulfill their needs that's the path to connection and it's the way to open up new possibilities for seduction enticement and a deeper level of intimacy than you've ever experienced before.

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