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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. Six men, four of whom allegedly have ties to the three percenter anti government group have been charged with conspiracy. Connection with the January six attack on the U. S Capitol is NPR's Ryan Lucas explains. This is the latest insurrection case to involve a right wing extremist group. The six defendants, all of whom are from California. Have been indicted on several charges, including obstruction, entering restricted grounds and conspiracy. Prosecutors say the defendant's worked together to disrupt Congresses certification of the electoral college count. Indictment cites a text message from one defendant in which he says the group is driving from California to Washington, D. C because of all the gear, including cans of bear spray knives, body armour and helmets. That they were taking with them. On January 6th. The men allegedly were in the mob outside capital. Prosecutors have charged members of two other extremist groups in connection with capital riot, but this is the first conspiracy case to involve three percenters. Brian Lucas. NPR NEWS Washington Pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson says the Food and Drug Administration has agreed to extend the expiration date for millions of Covid 19 vaccine doses due to expire soon. FDA officials agreeing to extend the shelf life for the single shot vaccine by an extra six weeks. Expiration dates are determined based on data manufacturers submit to the agency and regulators have been taking a look at those dates based on new samples and data. Some vaccines have been sitting unused as the daily US vaccination rate has gone from around two million shots a day two months ago to about 800,000 Day now Republicans in Pennsylvania state Legislature are pushing to overhaul the state's election laws from member station W. ITF in Harrisburg, Brett Shelters, has details on the latest effort to overhaul voting in a 2020 battleground state. The sweeping proposal would affect early voting and mail in ballots and would require people to show ID when they vote in person. County Commissioners Association executive director Lisa Shaffer is pleased. The bill includes changes that make it easier to process mail in ballots ahead of time. But she worries about the more divisive provisions and we're very concerned that if they get put into a bill with a lot of other things, that we're just going to end up in the same place we are now, Schaefer says. Contrary to claims by some Republican legislators, the 2020 election went smoothly in Pennsylvania. Democratic governor Tom Wolf says the bill is meant to undermine confidence in elections for NPR news. I'm Brett Schultz in Harrisburg. Number of people filing first time jobless claims fell for 1/6 straight week as companies begin bringing employees back to work and hiring new ones. Labor Department says claims dropped by 9000 last week to 376,000. That's well below the 900,000 week or we're signing up for benefits in early January, where weekly jobless claims are still up from pre pandemic levels when the following extremely came in, or near 220,000. On Wall Street stocks gained ground. The Dow was up 19 points today. The S and P Rose 19 points. You're listening to NPR. Live from KQED News. I'm terrorist. Seiler The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority today revealed portions of the personnel history of the gunman in last month's mass shooting at a light rail yard. Shows several incidents in which managers had to be called in, but not cases involving violence, threatening behavior or racist remarks. KQ these Brian Watt reports, the Vita says in July of 2019 Samuel Cassidy was sent home without pay for two days for violating company policy in signing out a two way radio. Months later, he had an argument with a coworker that lead someone to tell a supervisor quote. He scares me. If someone was to go postal, it'd be him End quote. Last October, he refused to take part in a mandatory CPR recertification class, Citing concern about Covid 19. The documents were released two weeks after he shot and killed nine fellow transit workers and then took his own life. I'm Brian White KQED News San Francisco's supervisor, Aaron Peskin, plans to enter an alcohol treatment facility. The longtime Progressive city politician announced the move today. In a statement, Peskin said he stands by his legislative and civic record. Must take responsibility for the tenor he has struck in his public relationships. The supervisor said that for that he is truly sorry. The Chronicle reports that one of its reporters asked Peskin yesterday about allegations he berated a department head in a public meeting this week, along with other complaints about his behavior. Baskin represents.

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