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17 till nine. Let's check in the morning Drive again. Here's Mark McKay pretty typical. Flowing along the I 20 quarter out of life. Only a slow Evans mill 2 to 85 inside the primary, leading east Atlanta still have delays passing six flags Fulton Industrial Boulevard on the West Side. Trying to get into Midtown from the Northeast is a challenge may want to consider using Peachtree Piedmont out of pocket this morning as the 85 400 quarter is stacked up based on the right lane blocked 85 self down below Georgia 400 with an injury crash. What are you watching on 25 mic shows seeing the brake lights on the East Side perimeter 25 th the absolute way. Volume from I 20 up to I 85 spaghetti Junction Volume continues on the north side perimeter 25 westbound the absolute believing I 85 getting to Georgia 425 spelled the interlude. Same story. Just volume believing I 75 in Cobb County. Breaking Free George of 400, Sandy Springs triple Team traffic 95.5 WSB Mark McKay Back to you heroes. You still got the mic handy there. We still on track this coming weekend to squeeze the lanes on the North side perimeter. Or did she should do it? Saturday? This coming Saturday, September 11th in case you're just joining us and had heard with the project's all about it. The continually work zone but build bridges on that North side perimeter. Gotta squeeze those lanes from 5 to 3 East and west, Interleukin 35, East and west between exit 25 Roswell Road. At Ashford done what he wrote Exit 29 kidney. You imagine what it's going to be like one week from today? So, Yeah, it's going to last for months to we'll have more as we head toward the end of the week coming up next in Atlanta's morning news, the five day forecast that has some drier.

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