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As we head to our independent journalist in london philip gum you're glued to the tube there last hour we were in windsor along the processional route i are the british very excited about this marriage going on as we speak and what are you seeing and what are you noticing that one you i'm wiping away the tears i mean after a week maybe months of anticipation of thoughts organization everybody seems to have turned up at the church on time and it's a wonderful spectacle and i don't think there's a person however cynical they might be about the royal family about marriage in general you can see these pictures and have a you know a theory in the corner of their eye right to the second that the bride arrived in that long train behind her dress they're walking up the steps at windsor castle and the church there well beautiful sites and of course meghan markle some of the the the pageboys and bridesmaids friends of children of her friends so it's good to see that's all her mother is only one of a formal relations who made it in the end that she has got people there to support says she got to the church on time she looked radiant in the the rolls royce says she was driven to some georgia's trample mother was beaming she's sobbing and crying a little bit in church now overwhelmed i think by the occasion but you know i don't think there's any dousing the joy that she and her daughter feeling and indeed the rest of the royal family ranged across the the chapel from them this boss family i used to these sorts of occasions but they seem to have done everything they count in the last few days to so welcome megan and her mom into the family and the choir is stop now let's pick up a little bit of the ceremony ongoing now live comfortable on a and forsaking all other buffets full to her as long as you both shall live i will he's laughing he kinda smiles here you see that film maker your take harry to be your husband will you love him comforting and protected and forsaking all others faithful to him as long as you both shall i will.

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