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Just saying you can't enforce, part of which is what the evidence shows. Miami Dade County Public School Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo supports the decision and says the debate over mask wearing has become far too political. That's quite frankly as an educator as a father. It bothers me. 11 school districts were in danger of losing funding for enforcing mask mandates. But yesterday's ruling blocks the state from withholding funds until the appeal is heard. Governor spokeswoman says they filed an emergency motion to allow the ban to remain in fact, pending the appeal. Will all tough news radio's extend W I o D Well Congressman from central Florida, announcing that he has covid Democrats aren soda tweeted. Then he has tested positive and is quote grateful to only have mild symptoms, which he credits to being vaccinated. And President Biden will speak today to the nation outlining with the White House is calling a six step plan meant to contain coronavirus. The sixth step plan has one goal, stopping that Delta variant by boosting vaccinations. We have more work to do, and we are still at war with the virus and with the Delta variants. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says The president's plan will build on previous steps taken that include requiring vaccinations for federal workers and the military. And incentivizing mandates in the private sector, so he's going to outline the next phase in the in the fight against the virus, and what that looks like. The CDC data shows about 53% of all Americans are fully vaccinated against Covid. That's facts of Jared Halpern, a Miami doctor, meanwhile, taking controversial stand on Covid vaccines. Doctor Linda Martini told her patients said she will no longer see them unless they are vaccinated. She says she's not doing it to punish people but to protect the community. It's 804 and Tropical Storm Indies, causing quite the mess in parts of North Florida today. National Hurricane Center has a tropical storm warning in effect for areas between the Oracle, Akemi.

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