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Home filled with loved ones, and the hugs we share, and I value the JC Penney Veterans Day sale. You gotta go shot the JC Penney Veterans Day sale Thursday through Monday get up to fifty percents off select coats denims and sweaters for the whole family. Plus get ten dollars off your twenty five dollar purchase with coupon. Hurry in JC, Penney style and value for all offers. Valid eleven eight through twelve exclusions apply. See store or JCP dot com for details. Your how you doing? Hey, Fred, great to see things are going great. Couldn't be better. Excuse me, sir. What is your seat from John Chico's menswear? Why? Yes, it is. I knew it. Every man I've ever met that gets his clothes. They're just look so handsome. I knew it had to be from John Chico's. Yeah. And this guy right here is the brother of Tina who makes judge. She goes to the awesome place. It is this is Fred, Chico. Hi, this is so cool. Your like a celebrity. Well, I wouldn't go that far. Yeah. Let's not overdo it on the real celebrity. You know, former foot. Ball player and current radio star, Johnny the good kid your niche. Well, you're nobody without Mr. Chico. Just call me. Freddie. Can I have your autograph? Freddie Taylor had a shotgun Chico was his name o c c c c c c c ICCO. John Chico is our name. Oh, remember all men are created equal. And then they get dressed experienced by John Chico's difference. Call us at two one nine seven six nine one seven four four. Escape to four winds casino south bend, featuring delectable dining such as award.

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