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So they back had the job. Back across back up. Twenty three minutes wars starting from Novak Djokovic Vicks times over champion it into the final again. Hello and welcome to the I'm James Parkinson dates at these drilling open and the men's final is set. No joke bitch face revenue. Dow on Sunday also Sam stars and jank's wait, the women's doubles final on the show today. We have the new hape Halsey has been implemented importantly, we measure the conditions on courtside, and we had two tenths legend Lockwood when you working with someone do you have to show them up most respect. Plus, we preview Saturday's women's singles final. But I all the erection from face semifinal. Never jock pitch defeating Lucas Kwait six love six two six two. Polling win Novak spoke on court about the quality of his apartment and believing himself to get back to an open. Final is definitely one of the best matches ever had this court. Definitely. Everything worked way I've mentioned before the mansion and even more so. Tough one four Lucas, but he had a had a great tournament. And wish him all the best for he definitely has a quality to be top-ten player. We see the occasion is different. There's more Wade layers more importance of the match, and he he's going to get more more of these kind of matches. I'm sure in light of stages of grand slams. And I definitely wishing that highly unlikely twelve months ago that I would be where I am today year later. I've said it before. And I always have plenty of believe in myself. And I think that the cells believe is something that always prevails, and there's been always there was always part of me. And they're still is part of me that believes that I can play this way. So I think that's that's the key. You know, obviously, always relying on on your qualities and trusting the process will turn out the way you wanted to put back across backup. Twenty three minutes wasn't funding from Novak Djokovic. Six times former champion it into the final again. We have to say that neither semifinal was much of a contest. But that we have to domini plays. Ben's tennis. They're going to be in the final twenty nineteen. I'll and open one a climax. We're going to have to this doing. On AM radio twilight, sir today the team reminisced about the career of Pat Cash will be on it at the legends launch on Saturday. He's Bridget khloe, Richard Evans, and Sam Dunkin Pat Cash, I think it's that he's going to be on it because he's part of a straight fight law. When it comes to this, isn't it will he is. He's the winner of the Noni ninety seven Wimbledon Totta, leave eighty von Lindell in straight sets. I was in eighty seven I was four years of age. But you know, I almost remember growing up. It was a story. My parents would tell me they stayed up light an Ozzy had made their way into the Wimbledon final. Of course, the final probably starts about living PM and goes into the early hours of the morning, and I stayed up to watch. And I didn't expect him to win. And it wasn't right supplies NATO. Yeah. Know, they interviewed Linda, laughter woods and said you look a little bit surprised that you lost office. Apprised is Pat Cash is you know. So this was a great story in a strategy and tennis around the same time he was making finals he too he made the seven and I. Final here at the ustralian. I've been lost both in five sets Edberg. And then in the very first year that the tournament was here at Melvin wit down to Mets will end I think it was six in the fifth. And I think it was important. He made the final in the first year Melvin pack. Everybody was very interested in it. And it goes he was a diverse cout warrior to winning two Davis gaps. I think ID three and ninety six one of them. The first two sets went thirty and eleven thirty and eleven against aid Berg, and he won. And so he's very much appreciated play here. Let's look ahead now to the women's singles final on Saturday Petrovka versus Nemea Sokha and Vivus today back controlling knows and facing off against so soccer. You know, it's against Lami do have nerves there and doesn't matter. What happened? You are just. And stress me out when you're at home, and I don't know breakfasting won't ever. So that's how it is. But I don't think it's anything like special. I being into fun to grand slam. But this is a little bit different not playing on the grass. But I think it's it's just from a little bit more special because it's after everything I've been through. So I think it's. It's just different. But I don't think it's like more nervous definitely into play. My best tennis. What I can say. I think now is in fire. She's in very good form. And she's a kind of aggressive player, which I am as well. So I think it will be about who going to take the first point and push a little bit. It's certainly going to be an exciting chip. And further analysis, he's Tim solely with New York Times. Reporter Karen Krause big phone comes up on Saturday on. So what are you? What are your thoughts? I think it's going to be a beautiful final. You have two players are very aggressive. So I don't think you're going to see a lot of long baseline rallies. But I think you're gonna see a lot of beautiful shot making. I think the fans are in for a real treat. Let's look at the two I starting with pitcher, obviously, it's been documented Norfolk Turk in twenty sixteen. She's also had a lot of. Assess at Wimbledon on the garage, but not so much here. These trying open lost big success here in two thousand twelve in the semifinal. But how do you think she's going to go hit tomorrow not since winning Wimbledon for the second time in two thousand fourteen she had participated in sixteen slams without getting to the final. So she talked today. In fact, about feeling really proud of herself. And this run has shown her that she can do it. So the fact that she said that indicates that there was some doubt. And that doubt was growing with every failure to advance farther than the quarter-finals. It would be like Monica Seles coming back and winning here at the Australian Open after being stabbed by the fan on court petro. None of us can imagine what she's been through coming back from fighting off the intruder and having nerve damage in her left dominant hand with. Tonight. We now she's a huge favorite here in a strike Leah is she going to carry over that foam, and she's seen off some big scalps. Would you say game at the moment she's playing so well and seems completely unfazed by pressure expectations. But the thing I'm impressed about Naomi is seems as if she's maturing in front of our eyes as an example last year when she lost the first set she was to nineteen. So she won only twice after losing the first set this year at this tournament. She lost the first set twice and won both those matches. So that tells me that she's really learning to control her emotions and let badge shots and bad points go and just move onto the next point or game. So I think she's going to be really tough in the. Semis. What was really impressive was her serve. She had fifteen aces, which is really remarkable, including the one on match point. But I think she's going to be a really tough challenge for Petra. But I don't see either player dominating this match. I think it's going to be really close. Just enjoy meals e hate down here tonight. Melvin pot Leuven absolutely live in it. I can't always good luck. Alsi summers. Forty degrees is not only. He's like soul hot now. So hot it doesn't feel much hotter than other years that we've been probably because of the shade and the free. So actually wanna guy on the software. Enjoy the evening evening, son. It's good spring day over there in the UK. UK shutdown kinda day. Just lumping it up. So the whether just turning it on. Yeah. I guess you could say that. Yeah. It's been a couple of days in mobile with the new hey polcy coming into effect. Tim solely spoke to all of giant land more about its implementation this summer at Melbourne Park. Muslims only Jay I'm gonna socio professor at the university, Sydney and helping implement the extreme heat policy for the straight open this year. Obviously, a big change this year the policy can you just briefly talk through the changes. Sure. Yes. So this year we helped develop a stress scale which replaced the old WBZ t- policy. So this is basically enabling us to rate the amount of stress that develops or heat stress develops for for the athletes on a scale of one five and then associated with each of those segments, those there's numbers are sitting recommendations, obviously be if you today of of knows in scampering around because the the I I that you've implemented the hey policy at five closing the roof on on the big chords here talk further Diane and making that big coal and. And what what what fall off to? Well, a big part of what we've been doing this year is measuring the on onsite environmental conditions because we know that's quite a lot of their ability between the outs- outdoor courts and stadium courts. So we have to have five measurement monitor's on these sites and stay on top of that is big task every day. But today that was particularly testing because we wanted to be knew that the weather was coming when we wanted to make sure that the the units remained working optimally. And then as the weather warmed up and the humidity remained the same. We started kind of busting through these new threshold. So the highest we got to before today was three point seven, and we kind of got through four pretty quickly and then hit hit five at around about full for clock today would temperatures that we talking about down on court. Well, I think it's important to to to emphasize that things that matter is not just the ambient air temperature. So we measure air temperature in the shade. Which is what is reported by the bureau meteorology. Importantly, we measure the conditions on courtside and the different relative to the bureau. Mitchell g weather station, which just one measurement unit. So we what a lot of differences. So the highest air temperature in the shade that we found today was running about forty three degrees celsius which is a little higher than was reported by the bureau meteorology, but we also measured black globe temperature which takes into account them radiation. And the peak situation that's about thirteen degrees celsius above temperature. It was somewhat humid. So we had a humidity levels run about twenty five twenty six percent, relative humidity with temperature which is quite difficult, and there's a little bit of wind which helped a little bit. But not enough to help the place them regulate appropriately without the assistance of breaks or indeed closing.

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