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After midnight. There Fisher has declared it as a state of emergency. And requesting everyone goes to freedom hall. They've got no that's not true. Who do that? They're brining the streets. I don't even know what was your fishers. No compassionate. Bourbon is I'm in. That's what I've got five bucks. We get a dusting here. I got I got a Greg Fisher. Yeah. You're using too much emotion. He's been a great mayor. Good guys. Good guy. Yes. All your buddy. Oh, I know the family. Yes. Oh, I thought you said Karagwe. No, no, no. Greg. Love me, some big got rich by inventing ice machine for my dad did not believe me. Multi Lombardia serious, those amazing ice machines. That was great. The ice machine. I the last thing I do is run for office. I would just be rich. You just hang out Lord, man. They wanted. He wanted to help his own town. Do what's wrong with you? Love him. What are we gonna fix my ice machine? Yeah. Call him an hey, Greg Fisher, if you're listening, can you fix my ice machine? Okay. My problem with all this is that they have cancelled almost all the stuff that we were supposed to do tomorrow already. Like if there's not one snowflake on the ground and wrestling for high school is canceled. I saw were swim meets or cancelled their canceling all athletic endeavors tomorrow. I don't get it. I get it. I'll tell you. What's not cancelled Cobb ball wobble? Baby. My wife, we're going to be where's that at Scott and Trixie right now the Melwood arts center, oh Melwood way. Oh, and by the way, while we're talking about Shirley's way, you know, how Khalil's and Shirley's way is doing this is the bar on Dixie highway that does the Queen of horror. Yes. No one has hit that thing yet and Monday, it's going to be around six hundred thousand dollars so cards left like fifteen okay. I'm telling you, man, these Shirley ways guys and gals. They got going on you drink and Haley, that's a nice hot tea. Not your usual. I'm eight years old drinking hot chocolate. I needed something were but warm, but I'm feeling a little sickly. No, no, no, not.

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