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Taxes and fees. Extra subject to change. Read a Kessler and the W. T O be Traffic Center Watch for the delays on the outer loop of the Beltway in Virginia. It is the through lanes between the Eisenhower connector in telegraph Road. The left Lane was getting by the cleanup from the earlier trash truck fire. Now the inner loop is seeing a little bit of a delay getting past that areas. Well, that seems to be a rubber necking delay with all of your lanes open on the Beltway in Maryland outer Loop near Allentown Road Joint Base. Andrews. The right lane had been blocked with a broken down dump truck. Still, seeing some delays headed around that direction. There may be a work crew on the outer live closer to Pennsylvania Avenue. So just keep an eye on eye out there for a variety of things that could be going on along that stretch in Prince George's County, now also in Maryland, south bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway inside the Beltway near 4 10 Looks like that crash may have cleared. The delay has definitely ease that looks good coming from the Beltway headed all the way toward New York Avenue and D C to 95 26. Heaven or Ridge Road, it pen shop road. The crash cleared to the shoulders. All lanes have been reopened their South bound 29, you might find some delays on coals Will road headed from the Beltway toward Franklin Avenue with a single left lane getting by the work Also across the Bay Bridge. The eastbound span the right lane of two blocked with the work. Westbound runs. Two way traffic. Harry. Nice Mac Middleton Bridge, you might find a lazy their direction on 301 has traffic alternates to get across the bridge and through the work zone Now the South bound Baltimore Washington Parkway, the delays from 32 headed toward 1 98 this The mobile debris cleanup going on in the right lane in Virginia north on Route one. After Telegraph Road and Boswell's corner a single lane was getting by work zone route seven years. Seven corners you were under police direction for the crash and in Round Hill eastbound seven years Stone Lee Drive you were under police direction for a wreck in Venice is dumb Freeze Road south of Bristowe Road Watch for the accident activity there is well I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And now the storm team forced Chuck Bell that sunshine looks good feels good temperature today, climbing a well above average, or average high is 43. Today's forecast. I is.

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