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Called my friend raquel and i asked her when auditions or for the rams and she told me sunday and i showed up and here they're here and the conversation continued wait a second what did they say when you showed up showdown he's know you're a professional dancer but we hear those conditions that clinton was referring to those those are grueling that's not easy yeah they're unlike anything i've ever been to i'm getting a call after shortly or an email or not getting a call or an email this one was about three weeks long and we had a bunch of rehearsals in between and an extensive interview process but was really humbling and amazing to be invited every time you came back to pinch yourself and be on your game so high emotions but it was worth it well congratulations will the same restrictions that they have on a posting stuff on the internet or fraternizing with the players exist for these male cheerleaders for quentin paronen napoleon genie's here's here's one thing that i i seem to remember they used to call the cheerleaders for the old la rams this is before they left and came back they used to be called the embraceable us which i thought was kind of clever because that's gershwin song and hughes e w e s that's a a lady ram but you can't call them that any more or should you have ever call them that to begin with look do i believe that this should become a gigantic issue no but is this going to lead some of those people who are disgruntled with the nfl because of kneeling during the national anthem and other outspoken politically correct things it's it's not going to appeal to some of the lost audience i don't think maybe i'm wrong one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six let's go to theran in los angeles there you're on the michael medved show for having me yeah the ratings aren't down michael they have more apps and streaming services like twitter and facebook and everything else that they have the nfl games on this twice as many people are watching the nfl being used to again.

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