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Weekly so It appears on instagram. That second surely to was the runner up on chris souls and even the bachelor. She's the Farmer guy went out killing someone and hit and run dry accent. Anyway he's important gene Basically confirmed her relationship. With healy. Kyoko on instagram loosely. She posted a real and then haley like re posted it to her story with the pleading is emojis so it looks like she's moved on well anyway crunch trench by. Wow a little bit of our. This is such a when i saw this. I was like why this is like a such a crazy connection. But apparently they've been dating for a long time just not really open and like you know pointing it out but now it's really become now. They're like yeah. We were dating. That rolls haley. Kyoko disturbing you is the pop star. Who has a very niche following but really passionate following her music rules. She's like out she's a lesbian and yeah she's extremely cool. Music is extremely fun and she's one of those people who it's like. She just needs to find that hit. That's gonna make her hit it big and she hasn't quite done that yet but she's very successful and she's an actor too. She's in the tanatshai realm. She's in the Who else are we talking about. She's in the rena. Saw yama row realm a charlie execs. Extra she's in the christina and the queen's realm like there's there's a lot of petty who even like she is also kind of an iconic New gay musician to this is so great that she's dating this bachelor girl who was literally paired up with one of the most winners a bachelor's of all time and haley cuba was out and proud. She talks about an interview. Sasha came to her family at a young age but this other woman becca tilley is never end like his best known for what vying for the attention of the straightest man possible on the straightest show possible. You know everything about her. Personal life is as straight as can be but the lesbians have known. And when you actually dig into the history of this you see that like lesbians on l. l. chat message boards l. chat dot net the lesbians have known and they've been like i love this relationship. They're so cute. I wonder when they're gonna announce publicly and it looks like they finally did it so what the caller was talking about was. They recently went on vacation together. Looks like they were somewhere. Water friendly beechy. I think they might hawaii. I think they're in hawaii because there's like a sea turtle leno looks like very like where people from la go. I guess beca has every bachelor person has podcasts. Rebecca has a podcast. And i guess she's like hinted towards dating women or you know or whatever there's a part where co said like did know japa- japan didn't know japan was so romantic and becca was kind of like you know because like the implication that she was there with haley were romantic or whatever but Then this video that they just recently posted which i think was a fourth of july thing. Because they're so beca. Posted the real haley reposted the real and they commented like hearts on each others posts. Like it's i don't know and joel fletcher. One of the bachelor says love you both like it. Sounds like if you know you know and yeah. She's not being explicit about it but like how else do you read this something. I found very curses at chris. Soules liked to the real august. Get away from here. Crystals i hate it. Stay out of. I think it's the perfect like it's i mean these. I like these bachelor people. They like either date each other or they date like you know like a who and it's per a perfect combo of these two i lo- they're like i'm done with heterosexuality. This is bullshit. And healy. kyoko. It's like i participated in the heterosexual like pageant the the highest pageant of heterosexuality and now i'm moving on and also wasn't becca. Tilles whole thing. I mean i i am not about but i think that one of her things was because in some of the stories. I was seeing this that she was a virgin so at the time of her being on the show that was one of her lake details where she was like. I'm a virgin. And that's one of my like identifying factors. So i think that that's also interesting to where it's like you know. She didn't know she didn't know what she didn't know. There were things she ever knew she never knew and now she knows what she knows is that she has a thing for hayley kyoko great. It reminded me of the jasmine hughes profile of ex. That was just in the new york. Times magazine history's very specific. But there is something to be said about there being an actual out and proud gay popstar or multiple out and proud gay pop stars. And how seeing a pop star perform their sexuality in ways that fulfil them personally as opposed to just ways that like make the audience say like ooh. Something sexy is really cool and like actually very inspiring. And i encourage you to read that story as. Well lindsey bobby. So my friends. The other day sent me a screen shot of an instagram model from brazil. and trying to find him again just around and her whole is just her indicators and stuff you know and all of comments are just generally kenyan things you know general influence kind of things but she's and goes to tell me that. Oh this is jacob daughter. Let me make sure that her name is right. But basically there is a woman out there.

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