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Well, some more good news here from Keith the andal. We will be there. So live. Your individual ass whooping will have to wait on the golf course with 'cause I'd be getting 9 and 9 front and back. Now we're gonna take on Kevin Hayes and Keith yandle tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. So now after tomorrow, we have three sandbaggers in the bank, ready to roll out month after month, especially during the downtime of the NHL season, which we do not know when we'll return. No, we don't, but we have those in the meantime and they're always entertaining. I think it's time to send it over to Sean Avery right about now. Let's do it. We got a little bit of everything babies, pee in sidewalk violet is in New York City. And his new outfit. And wardrobe in ten, the blockbuster movie from Christopher Nolan, so without further ado, pal Shaun Avery. Well, it's great to bring this next guest back. He's currently appearing on the big screen in Chris Nolan's Tenet. He's also breaking down games on his Instagram while being a new dad and police in bike lanes on Manhattan. Thanks for joining us again, Sean Avery. What's up Abe's? Gentlemen, gentlemen. It's good to be back. How's everyone? How's everyone holding up? We're holding up. Well man and we want to say a public congrats to your father now some great clips. Seeing you with your child, it's like I'm fired up for you, man. No one knowing how that feels. So how's that been? I mean, you know, I was always the asshole that would yell at guys for having kids when they were under the age of 28. And you know, I'll still take the position that, man, I'm so glad I had a kid at 40 because fuck. What a game changer, like you can't do anything. I've taken you die. I mean, yeah, you can't even take a shit. You take a shit holding your kid sometimes. Push comes to shove. You gotta go. And it's just an amazing thing. I mean, wow, what a wild ride..

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