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I've never. That's one of the reasons why I think Murray drafted him was because he had, I think at that point blown up a lot of our picks or or miners and we had no players that we had no players in the minors. So so he needed to draft a kid who is eligible for some strange reason. He was eligible to play in the minors as an 18 year old and you needed him. You needed that body and mind her horrendous, Let team horse crap team in the minors. He should have gone back to junior and shredded it up. I'll say this. I put all your bonus We rush the first round draft pick and, uh, in the lander. I this and I was like, No. Look, why don't you drop ships that Dr Picture have been surrogates have anyway but we should've been so good. But anyway, I'll say this. I'm gonna put on us on Alex The lander, just like I am gonna put on us in case the middle stat day need to own their development and do the things they need to do, Jack Quinn. Isn't Rochester right now and listen. He's ahead of where Alex No wonder was at 18 years old or 19 years old in Rochester. Why, Because Jack win is owning his development in that situation, So there's owners that needs to be put on the players Casey Mills that was not preparing Like a pro. The last couple of years. He was not. Well, Thank you for making my point for me, Marty, Because I am you know, you say play the kids hold on review, say, play the kids. And that's why I say That I want Jack Quinn to be called up and get a game for the reasons you just mentioned it just for him to get a feel for what it what it looks like. He's 19 Craig. Exactly what do you What do you mean on this road with giving Casey Middle stat. Everything and given Alex Neal Andr. Everybody's already he's already signed. So why not send him off in his first off season after being in the minors with a couple games under his belt to know what? Oh, No. He's already ease where he needs to be right now he's already playing slightly over his head. Against guys that are our men he's doing funny is seven points in 13 games. I know he's minus 10. Don't give me that. But I mean, he's also lost, like nine years, and I don't know what this plus minus was that game and guess what I mean. You know, you also have to understand that Jack Quinn is Is a year older. He's 19 is a 19 year old most guys that were drafted in last year's draft for 18. So he's an older guy, so he's a little bit a little bit more, maybe advanced and listen, Jack wins a really nice player. Certainly not shredding it down the miners, but I wouldn't expect him to. There's like sir, very slow stepping stones for him to develop. We know that Jack Quinn can consort goals. We know that he's got great speed any any any can play the game. He needs to work on that small details to continue to be a full time NHL player, and we don't want him just to come in and be a player that comes into our lineup, and it takes him another two years to develop into a We need him to come in. Where he is going to be a game changer right away, and he needs to start to develop. Develop himself in the minors. There is absolutely and I mean, absolutely no need to bring him up into the NHL. Well, I wouldn't give him a taste. Make him hungry. I would agree with Dad. But also I know that the sabers and Granado and Adams I know Don Granados mentioned it. I would think that's also is the way Kevin Adams is thinking is that they are going to play some younger kids from Rochester. They're going to call them up. So I'm looking at Players that you could say OK, who's getting called up? So on the taxi squad right now? According to Cap friendly you have are two rights linen. So he's playing. Okay. You have J s d. O K. C. J. Smith. You could place EJ Smith. But you don't You see them already and Brendan Davidson? That's that you don't have to worry about it. Now. Let's look in Rochester with forwards. You have Brendan Viral. I don't think that's a guy that you say is coming up, Jack win. Possibly you have Bret Murray of Matty. Pick are you have Ogilvy the petrol for birdie and wise back? Okay, so and wise back. Sorry. Uh, dramatic car. Maybe, but UN defense. You have many material material. Samuelson. Um, that's the guy and you have a scary lacks in in so there could be a couple of D coming in. You get some some some ice time here and see how they are. I don't know that other than Jack Quinn. I don't know that there's a lot of Ford's to be called up and be given some initial experience. Do you think defense is going to be the focus in the off season with those players coming in and being sampled that you just mentioned and you also have You're Borg in this year, and you also have 78. Come on, Bryson Bryson. Thank you, Susan Price I'm doing this for duffer is left is defense the focus this offseason? Well, I mean, it is what you mean. What do you mean? Is it the focus? To improve. Well, it is going to be the focus in how you build your defense, No youngest, right out of the youngest defense in the league next year. We have you have Darlene? You okay? Are you okay? They're gonna be here at this moment. You still have calling Miller under contract. Your severest align and under contract, Bryson will be here. Hey, So will bargains. Gonna Borgen will be here. So there's your top four. And Darlene Jochi. How are you, darling? Gonna be 21 next year? Okay. How are you is going to be 22 next year. Jacob Bryce, and I thinks 23. And will Borden is going to be 24. You have Matisse, Samuelson. If he, uh, makes the team he's 21..

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