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Able to get those children to safety before Valentin shot himself that see chilling right there at sex show. And it's sad to see something. Like that happen. You know, could semi me officer was involved in a rollover crash on the way to the scene, but they were able to walk away without injury attorneys scales. News ninety six point five WDBO. Simply can't do it in Orange County man, shines a laser pointer at a helicopter significant amount of resources that catcher ever just ways around holocaust replace he denied it. But deputies found a laser pointer is home along with a bunch of guns. If that laser is attached to a firearm or not Smits Roger Smith is a convicted felon that makes it makes it illegal for him to have all those guns that they found also can't point a laser pointer at a helicopter. I it was the Coca Cola Orlando, I which was pretty much referred to as the Orlando why then last year changed to icon Orlando now the ferris wheel on drive is known as the wheel among the biggest ferris wheels in the world, though. Not in the top five. I just look that up and the central Florida city is getting national attention embracing. It's southern history. Calamar Kent Gwynne is taking heat for approving. Proclamation recognizing confederate Memorial Day, which is Friday, April twenty-sixth during Tuesday city council meeting the council, president suggested that Gwynn belongs to the K K K and allegation that has been made before and one Gwynne denies the Marion county commission approved a similar proclamation. Earlier this month. I'm Tony Marino. Let us know what you think using the open mic in the news ninety six point five WDBO play those.

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