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Call him now. Wait 55 to 1 to four CBS My sweet Children of mine. Let's hear from you. The old asterisk conversation Now that we've experienced samen Ba a bubble and some NHL bubble, and we're talking about college football dealing with the college football playoff. We know that there will be other sports that will award championships that air probably quite honestly off your radar. I don't know if you care about the fallout to the legitimacy of them or anything like that, however. There's been a lot of talk about the old legitimacy of the championships. And I think honestly, there'll be an asterisk, but it won't be a demerit or a demotion. It will be a notation off the year that is that the asterisk should just be a many 2020 maybe looked the best you can, but it's really just be 2020 because this has been obviously a year for the ages. What do you think? The championships that will be one will be, you know, not viewed. Over the course of time or not viewed right now. As legitimate or like the others, 855 to 12 for CBS. By the way, I'm coming to you live from the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans Studios when you need more certainty in the home buying process will own the future Life Rocket. Can Craig in Arizona kicking off our three of the grass show, CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Craig? Brass. You are a great sports psychologist. I'd like to make two points, one in baseball, the one in hockey. Um, you know, there should be an asterisk for what's going on just so people. Can think outside the box. And, um, I know that there was something different going on like the strike here of 1981. When the Dodgers beat the Yankees, there should be an asterisk. The biggest asterisk for me was Roger Maris. And it didn't stick. There is no asterisk for him playing 1 61 games, then Babe Ruth playing 1 50, for My other point is hockey. Hockey is a greatest spectator sport of them all. I used to go to King's games all the time in the late eighties. And guess who showed up Wang Gretzky, and then everybody showed up. And I just wanted to say that my favorite thing about going to all those games was Marty McSorley, because when Marty would take the gloves off, they would do the barking dogs at the forum. Ah, Craig. Thank you. I don't know. We got Tio the old thought on the old asterisk her legitimacy or illegitimacy of championships there, But thank you. Craig Glenn's in Knoxville, Tennessee, on the grass show, CBS Sports Radio. Hi, Glenn. Hey, you know, I could definitely see the argument of an ashtray for the champion for college football, especially because you know, and then there's a comparison to be made between the professional sports like NFL MLB. But it's true compared to a big like stay home in the felt. You know, you have always being a super ball, but all by the way, the Niners will not be competing this year. The Ravens will be competing this year and like the three potential contenders One of them was one game away from the Super Bowl, I believe was the raising of the reason. That won't even be in the field was being gastric. For my closeness is a lover, not we're actually going to be a playoff because we're saying, Of course you know the F C C in a CC going away. Conference on Ly subtle as is The biggest thing for that is is that the conference is both trust each other and the for the protocols that they have put in place because obviously has nothing to do with geography, considering that photo for our so called from the Holy place. Georgia. Georgia Tech are so close to the mark to fight. I think the cost I don't trust you to, you know, stooping from that scene, one from a cc and water on the big truck. Are there going to be able to trust each other protocols even play against each other on a neutral site? Glenn. You raise a very good point. However, I would think that if we get to the C F p level of the season, the college for playoff level of the season I would think the overall reaching college football playoff structure would sort of address that in look. Let's just say, for example, this year It's an SEC at a C C. A Big 12, an American athletic conference team who are the final four participants. Let's not think that the college football playoff won't say to those commissioners we've already heard from you. We know how you've gone about your testing protocols. But here's how we would like to handle it, considering your one of the four that are in the final four. So I think it is a very good point that even though those power five conference commissioners all kind of work together when it comes to this testing protocol, they're all like. No, No, no. Ah, yeah, like we're getting. You know, you've got different levels a liability in all this. So you're right. That is so but I think When you get to the college football playoff, the playoff committee and that structure dictates to the power five so that the power fives ultimately don't bicker with each other over things like this, But I think it's a really astute point mark is in ST Louis on the whole asterisk for championships here in 2020. On the grass show on CBS Sports Radio. Well fresh. I just want to make two quick points. There are always socio.

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