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In the super bowl come hell or high water i think it's horrendous matchup for new england yes i do i said to see off the front fork with what i think it's a horrendous match up on the sole lead into what we're gonna talk about what jacksonville did in the first half run in kansas city style of offense spread the field 4 xi to play inside with power and then attacked the edges that's been that's been the kryptonite from new england and that's what philly does all the time that was mike lombardi picking eagles saying it's a horrendous match up for the patriots i think that's mind games i razor i've inc bill budget was like hey and lombardi can give me a little favor turned out there jim is solid make it look like yeah the eagle's gimmel all confidence you know just put it out there so doesn't look like everybody's your mean so doesn't look like everybody's picking us because when everybody picks eyes we know how well that works in terms of motivation so if we can get a couple of guys out there pick in the eagle's maybe it will start to have a little too much confidence in themselves while done bill della csak wells on yeah i would argue so are at the kansas city style patriots give deal with that kansas city game was they were winning that game in the fourth quarter right and it was twenty or twenty seven or something or or twenty no they switch this year's yet this year's kansas city game that they lost was still it was like a one point game on the phone quarter before give the city pulled gives city scored twenty one under two hundred and support of right to end that game in the fourth quarter so you know like that system works okay i guess but i i haven't seen anybody who's really like found the kryptonite for the patriots in the last five years now because the kryptonite is sabah wedding yourself in the fourth quarter i mean on i just for once would like to see a team not trip over their own shoelaces from playing the patriots because that's what happens it's like how many pilica the like a dog whose really exciting when you come home from work at the end of the data i.

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