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But when he was a teenager he accompanied his father on a trip to New York City and state there even after his father returned. Learned to the Caribbean. Jack's plan was to get an American education to find work and to become involved in politics and he immediately said about reaching with those goals Jack enrolled in the New York evening high school and got his diploma in Nineteen Twenty Nine. He later took evening classes at New York University where he completed the three years of study toward a bachelor's degree in Business Administration Jack found work at a paper box factory and he managed to work his way from being a box walks cutter there to being the vice president of sales but as he witnessed more racism and discrimination jat turned toward a political career in nineteen eighteen thirty. Jack joined at the Democratic Party the next year he became a US citizen in nineteen thirty. Four he married Gertrude Hewitt with whom we had one child she died in nineteen thirty seven and four years later he married L. Mira Wilkinson. They also had one child together. Jack entered who to politics as millions of black people left the Republican Party to vote for Democrat Franklin D Roosevelt as president. He did face racism as he became more involved in the Democratic Party. But in nineteen forty he was elected to represent Harlem and the New York State Assembly he served as an assemblyman from nineteen forty one in one thousand nine hundred ninety three. After being reelected several times he became known as a Tammany Hall. Operative Tammany Hall was the Democratic Party Political Machine that had a lot of control in New York City and state politics from the late eighteenth century to the nineteen sixties the organization was known for its support sort of impoverished people at immigrants as well as its corruption but jack was also known for his advocacy for bills that struck down segregation and discrimination Shannon in nineteen fifty three as the Republicans moved toward choosing a black candidate for president of the borough of Manhattan. The Democratic Party decided to run Jack for office. Office he won the election becoming the first black person to hold office. Jack was the first black American to hold a major city elective close since reconstruction. It was a major win as to office came with a decent salary of twenty five thousand dollars and a lot of recognition power during his time in office office. Many improvements were made to the infrastructure in Manhattan and more public. Housing was made available. Even though some of the projects he supported proved controversial official he was reelected to a second term in nineteen fifty seven but during this term he ran into a political scandal that had an impact on his position. Jack was convicted of accepting illegal gifts of forty five hundred dollars after a contractor refuse to accept payment for renovations on his apartment. At at this point Tammany Hall's power was waning and some people were accusing Jack of being an uncle Tom for working within the system he resigned as borough president in nineteen sixty but he continued in politics and made good with constituents despite becoming involved in another scandal. Jack argued that so so much heat was on him because of his race he was reelected to the New York. State Assembly in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and he continued serving as district leader of the Democratic Party. Party a position he held from nineteen forty six to nineteen seventy-two but jack would become embroiled in political scandal yet again in nineteen seventy two when he it was wrapped up in conflict of interest charges related to a community service firm that he was a partner in. He was convicted and sentenced to three months in federal prison. which which he served in one thousand nine hundred eighty three Jack went on to advise other politicians endorsed the controversial Lyndon H Larouche junior for the presidential nomination in nineteen eighty and become the founder and executive board member of the Schiller Institute? A political and economic think-tank. Jack died in New York. City in Nineteen Nineteen eighty-six his involvement and political scandals. The decline of the Tammany Hall political machine changes to political power was organized and a shifting shifting landscape of race in politics all complicated his legacy. 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